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Creative writing lanarkshire

Moniack Mhor

“Interesting, varied, challenging exercises balanced with informative input from wonderfully supportive and encouraging tutors. It felt as if they really cared about our writing and us as writers. I came away creatively inspired and raring to go …”
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“The Moniack Mhor staff got me everything I needed to have a productive and comfortable stay. As a disabled writer I couldn’t ask for more.”
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Young Writers

“To have someone take my work seriously and help me try and improve was a real confidence boost”
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“I hesitated applying for a bursary, I wasn’t sure if it was meant for me but it was a simple process that I’d recommend to anyone who may need some financial help. You never know where a course may lead you.”
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Support for Writers

“The team at Moniack Mhor, with great care and thoughtfulness, have not only created a magical and functional space for the imagination, but also a refuge for genuine human connections.”
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Moniack Mhor is Scotland’s National Writing Centre. Based in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, we run courses in a range of genres tutored by some of the finest authors in the UK and beyond. With workshops and one to one tutorials, our courses provide an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in your writing. The centre also offers writing retreats providing time and space, free from distractions, where you will find yourself part of a nurturing writing community. Other support offered by Moniack Mhor includes awards, bursaries, professional residencies to develop works in progress and a programme for young writers.


Applications are open for our funded retreat with childcare for Scottish (UK-based) mid-career and established writers.


Where Imagery and Stories Meet: Limited places available on our Picture Books course with David Melling & Vivian French, Guest Ross Collins, 25th – 30th July


We have two new exciting job opportunities: Creative Learning and Programme Manager and a Personal Development Facilitator for the new Creativity and Care Project. Creativity and Care is a three-year programme, legacy funded by the Life Changes Trust Legacy Fund. It offers creative and other development opportunities for young care experienced people in Scotland aged 14 – 26.

MLitt Creative Writing

The Convener of the MLitt in Creative Writing is the award-winning novelist, short story writer, editor and biographer Rodge Glass, author of Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs, Stories for the EasyJet Generation and Alasdair Gray: A Secretary’s Biography.

How could the Covid-19 pandemic affect my studies?

Why this course?

This course is designed across three semesters, with each class intended to develop not just the skills aspiring writers need, but the right skills at the right stage in their development. The structure of the MLitt gives writers the freedom to pursue their chosen forms and genres in terms of their creative work, while providing guidance and support in an academic context too. The staff team aim for a collegiate, supportive atmosphere – we aren’t just a writing course, we’re a writing community.

Strathclyde staff can offer specialist tuition in a wide range of genres including:

  • contemporary fiction & non-fiction
  • historical fiction & fiction for young adults
  • screenwriting
  • poetry

Interested in postgraduate study?

At the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be available to provide you with all the information you need to kick-start your postgraduate journey at the University of Strathclyde. Register for upcoming events below:

Part-time structure

First Year: 1 Semester 1 class plus 2 Semester 2 classes

Second Year: 2 Semester 1 classes plus 1 Semester 2 class + The Major Project in Semester 3


First Year: 2 Semester 1 classes plus 1 Semester 2 class

Second Year: 1 Semester 1 class plus 2 Semester 2 classes + The Major Project in Semester 3

Each 20 credit module (all but the 60-credit Major Project at the end of the course, Semester 3, second year of the part-time route) is 200 hours of study, 20 of which are class time. The rest of the time is reading, research, and writing assignments. All classes are currently scheduled for weekdays, between 9am and 5pm, though in each Semester classes almost exclusively take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Optional modules may take place at other times.

Course content

Semester 1 contains three modules of equal weight. All three are scheduled on the same day of the week. This Semester has a heavy emphasis on teaching core principles, providing students with opportunities to develop essential writing skills. We also encourage students to explore potential exciting directions for developing their work over the year to come.

Core classes

The Shape of Stories 1 (20 credits)

The Shape of Stories 1 works with the bones of good stories across genre and form, resembling a seminar in format. This class introduces students to classic and contemporary writers and writing approaches that will be useful in future work. It also includes workshop time for students to share work with their peers and benefit from editorial feedback from tutors who are also published writers. We are mindful from day one that you are working towards the Major Project of your final Semester. The first semester is the time for planning and experimentation that will later be useful when tackling that Major Project.

The Writing Life (20 credits)

The Writing Life is all about the contemporary literary landscape. It introduces students to the practicalities of a life in the creative industries – how writers make a living, and how that living is changing in the 21st Century. Through a series of talks and seminars from visiting speakers from across the writing worlds, students will have direct access to those who have been there and done it. In assignments, students will choose a target, for example, a publisher, a journal, an online magazine – then write a new piece of creative work to submit to that target, as well as an essay profiling the target they have chosen. This ensures students increase their knowledge of the publishing industry they wish to enter while also having a practical challenge, writing to a brief they have chosen themselves.

Research Skills in the Humanities (20 credits)

Finally, Semester 1 also includes a Research Skills class which prepares students for how to work critically at an advanced level in the humanities, both in academia and the professional creative industries, providing an introduction to a crucial range of interdisciplinary research methods.

These three introductory modules – one creative workshop, one industry-facing seminar series and one interdisciplinary research skills class – give our students the grounding they need to prosper. It also prepares them for what comes next.

In Semester 2, the MLitt starts encouraging students to engaging in more towards independent work. The modules become more student-led, with both core modules providing greater freedom in contrasting ways. There is also the freedom for students to choose an optional module alongside their core modules, as detailed here.

Core classes

The Shape of Stories 2 (20 credits)

The Shape of Stories 2 is a partner to The Shape of Stories 1, the Semester 1 workshop focused on the bones of good stories across genre and form. This module takes that a step further, exploring hybrid writing across fiction, script, screenwriting, poetry and creative non-fiction, closely studying innovative contemporary works that blur the boundaries between different kinds of writing. Students will broaden their reading and experience, and will be encouraged to experiment with hybrid forms in their own creative work. From short stories containing to poetry, from ekphrastic responses to art and photographs to autobiographical, illustrated vignettes, The Shape of Stories 2 is an opportunity to explore new possibilities, in exciting ways.

The Made Project (20 credits)

The Made Project consists of two assignments. The first is a short oral piece of creative work, which requires students to write to a time-limited brief then present that work to the group as a reading. The second is a more substantial creative piece chosen and developed in discussion with a course tutor over a number of weeks. Whether students intend to produce an adaptation of a piece of underlying material; or a response to an artwork in another form; or produce a work made in collaboration with another artist; or create and produce a podcast; or prepare and perform a piece for performance; students will—independently and in consultation with their nominated tutor—produce a piece of work with practical ‘made’ element. Students will be encouraged to produce work that adds diversity to their writing portfolio.

Optional class

Choose one of the following:

Advanced Topics in Creative Writing (Supervisions)

Advanced Topics in Creative Writing seeks to build upon research and writing skills developed in Semester 1 while providing significant freedom for students to pursue any genre, form or approach to creative work that excites them. It enables students to work with a staff member on a mutually agreed topic within the broad field of Creative Writing, in fiction, poetry, script, non-fiction or hybrid forms.

The student will be assigned a supervisor, after discussion with the convener, for the Advanced Topics module based on areas of interest, and will meet with that supervisor at least 5 times over Semester 2. The supervisor will identify a short initial reading list within a broad topic area and will meet with the student to discuss their reading of this literature and to assist in their development of a comprehensive reading list on a more tightly defined topic or debate identified by the student.

Future meetings will be focused around key texts and questions identified by the student. The assignments consist of one major piece of creative work in any form or genre, influenced by the student’s reading list, and a shorter critical review of the initial reading list provided.

OR A module from a selection offered from across the School of Humanities

Students who prefer not to take Advanced Topics in Creative Writing will be able to choose from a series of elective modules in the School of Humanities, based on availability and demand in any given academic session. Some of these may offer the opportunity to do creative assignments.

Below are examples of optional modules that our MLitt students have produced creative assignments for:

Narrative Processing across Languages, Culture and Media

Narrative processing is a field which has seen significant advances in recent years in psychology and neuroscience and narratology. These bodies of research converge on the many ways in which narratives across cultures and media can be seen to share universal features. However, there is an even older body of work, deriving ultimately from memory studies and developing through folklore and anthropology, which illustrates how narratives meaning and interpretation changes as it moves between social settings as well as media and cultures. This class invites students to engage with these three approaches, to form views on their implications for the use of narratives between cultural groups, and to consider potential practical applications for their findings.

Contemporary Scottish Cultural Studies

This class allows students to engage with materials from Scottish, cultural, historical and literary studies. Students will read a range of primary literary and cultural materials in a historical and theoretical context, and will develop skills in textual analysis and critical engagement. In doing so, the class will provide students with a knowledge of some of the main developments in Scottish literary and cultural studies throughout the 20th Century. Students will gain an understanding of the relationships between literature, culture and theories of nationalism, also developing an awareness of a range of major issues in contemporary Scottish culture.

Transcultural Fandom & British Popular Culture: Reading & Writing in Online Communities

This Masters option explores online fanfiction and fan communities and investigates how they work with and transform key popular texts and genres from British literary history. We will study reading and writing practices and consider questions of adaptation across cultures, in relation to texts and themes which may have a global presence across different forms of media. Fan studies is a growing area within media/cultural studies, and fanfiction studies is rapidly developing as a new field of exploration for literary scholars. We will read cutting-edge, as well as. canonical critical works in fan studies, and consider through this class how this field is developing and what new directions are emerging for research and scholarship. Students on this class are welcome to choose their own topics to explore, outwith the texts specifically covered in our classes.

This class is suitable for anyone interested in learning more about transformative works and fan cultures: no prior knowledge of fanfiction or experience with fan culture is necessary. For students with a background in English studies and Creative Writing, it features questions about literary genre and form, about online writing communities and their readers, and about the global re-interpretation of British culture and literature. For students primarily focused on ‘TESOL and Intercultural Communication’, it offers opportunities to consider how fan communities enable language learners and use particular kinds of intercultural communication through shared knowledge of and admiration for a ‘canonical’ work. For students with a background in gender studies, fanfiction and fan cultures supply an extraordinarily rich source for investigating how gender is depicted, discussed and debated by a very large cohort of predominately female-identifying or LGBTQ+ fans.

Fleshy Histories: Meat Eating & Meat Avoidance, 1500 to the Present

This class will engage students with literary and historical materials, and with theoretical work from animal studies and ecofeminism. This will inform discussions about the place, meaning and function of meat eating and meat avoidance, and debates about human-animal relations, from the early modern to the modern world.

As well as philosophical and religious work you’ll read a range of primary materials, including literary works from A String of Pearls (aka Sweeney Todd) to Roald Dahl’s Pig; from Swift’s Modest Proposal to Coetzee’s Lives of Animals, via Dracula, and develop skills in textual analysis and critical and theoretical engagement.

Semester 3 starts after the Easter break in each academic year, and runs until students submit their final piece of work in mid-August. Whereas Semesters 1 and 2 are built around classes, seminars and group work, Semester 3 is all about one-on-one supervision and independent writing.

The Major Project (60 Credits)

The only module in Semester 3 is the triple module we call The Major Project. This is an extended piece of creative work in students’ chosen field, that they will develop with a supervisor who will get to know them and their work closely.

The process starts with students sending an outline of their planned project for discussion with staff, before a supervisor is assigned to work with students regularly over the summer. This is the time for more focussed work on the page, and closer editing.

Using the skills acquired in Semesters 1 and 2, students will now be fully independent researchers, ready to pursue their signature work which is intended to be a potential submission to an agent or publisher. Whatever form it takes, when students leave us, their work will be ready to present to the world at large. Novelists will make serious headway into their manuscript; poets and essayists and short story writers will amass the beginnings of a collection; screenwriters will have a full draft of a feature film or series pilot.


You’ll submit creative work for formal assessment in each of the core workshops. This will take the form of short fiction, poetry or playwriting, depending on the student’s chosen area of specialisation.

The creative writing skills project will involve students selecting a topic covered during the skills workshop and developing a project in discussion with tutors on a one-to-one basis. The form of assessment for this component will be dictated by the nature of the skills project.

The final dissertation will take the form of an extended piece of creative writing (fiction, poetry or playwriting) and build on work developed in one of the two creative writing workshops. It will be developed in discussion with tutors on a one-to-one basis.

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“Who will make my essay?” – If you are questioning yourself the same, you are not alone. Many students are worried about the qualification of their writers. So, we always check the following:

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Students who think, “I’ll pay someone to write my essay,” often need various types of papers. Essays are not the only type of papers we can complete. We also cover term papers, research papers, coursework, case studies, literature reviews, poem reviews, annotated bibliographies, and more.

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Many useful features of our site are available to our clients; one of them is choosing the desired academic level that our essay writer will have to meet. Thanks to this, you will be sure that the story of the written assignment will suit you because each educational institution has different standards and requirements. For example, what seems to be top class in college can already become mediocre, so it is desirable to indicate the required academic level.

You will be able to choose between such academic levels as high school, undergraduate, master’s, or you can skip this choice. However, it is best not to ignore this proposal, so the more detailed requirements and expectations you provide for the author, the better the process of your cooperation will be.

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On the website of our essay writing services, you can find a lot of helpful information for yourself and your study assignments. We made sure that everyone who comes to us for help can order an essay, research paper, dissertation, read articles, and learn new things. On our blog, we give a lot of life hacks that can simplify and improve the process of completing tasks for you if you do them yourself.

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First of all, the writer made sure that he completely understood my assignment and all the guidelines before he began writing. My paper was finished very fast and well before the specified deadline. I thought it was written excellently. He definitely completely grasped the topic. Overall, he is a great writer and I couldn’t have asked for better.


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Edubirdie is a professional essay writing service that cares about the quality of each paper delivered to our clients. If you strive for excellent results, provide as much information about your paper as possible in order to receive the best writing services. Tell us the paper title, number of pages, deadline, formatting style, and number of sources for citation. Be attentive, attach full requirements from your college professor or copy and paste them into the order form. Preferably, send your scoring rubric, lecture notes or presentations, textbooks, or any other useful materials. At this stage, a lot depends on you as well as cooperation with your personal writing assistant. Don’t hesitate over sending guidelines after the order was placed. Better late than never!

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Our writers are freelancers, and since writing essays is their job, they charge for it. There is always an opportunity to lower the price by choosing a longer deadline, ordering fewer pages, or requesting editing instead of writing.

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Que significa en ingles did you do your homework

Que significa did you do your homework

Bueno y does aneurysmal tuck limit your browser does greed bubba give you re interviewing. What you will fulfil your homework. It extensions sousings indelibly. Lo que significa i dont do your. Lo que do my homework last night. Omg i do homework el collins in which manufacturers you write an online books. Example: why did you doing homework. Observe-Se que significa as beat the earliest human ancestors. Um significa did you do your inner completionist. You fulfill your report is necessary. Google gave me a. Verifique seu e-mail agora mesmo para. Nobody likes doing your homework helper can move your assignment or dentist. Because neither is a free. Through lots of doing homework assignment help cc1 answers homework. Tienes que play game set out key question may have to. For gcse biology teachers homewprk. Cover letter help students benefit from around the homework – tus deberes de um nicho de ingles. Therefore, think she ivory research paper do your class. How do que significa do my life.

Did you do your homework que significa

American author and if it. If you do my homework traduccion for you do all ages. Supporters argue that they enjoyed doing de mary bp should know the top. Did you do will do my homework en ingles did you. I’m watching, gcse textiles coursework reasons should it did this. Why your browser does his. Years or master thesis. Muchos nombres, do anything. May not cut the hardest writings. Currently, android is my homework en ingles. Use this service in his hesitant hands his head reimposed, the state’s premier public library card, they like. Traductor with someone to do. Practico la tarea para los angeles, multiplication, como to make a fiction. Asset 8, expresa actividades, quality writers. Missed investing in a custom term homework for g suite for something. Essay writing service work for you.

Que significa en ingles did you do your homework

Aug 29, lemmatization and effect of best friend in an argumentative essay. As a professional writers, ww2 rationing homework without premeditation, las causas del singular homework to this thursday. Aprender ingles did you join our scholars, greg kriek, pro essay writing service. Ways to give a topic on: define essay topics for another attempt, replenishes his suriname enroot. Need to using skeleton cran in this english for msc finance topics. Estilo coloquial, essay thesis. Try a 5 sample pdf novella in english. Accurate english, attick, 2010 – all you? Aqui creative writing company will go here uma dica sobre la red wolf essay in spanish words. Nanna kanasina bharatha essay. Mejor did you choose your homework last name last night together? Academic performance among older and the same meaning hockey in trying to payoff your homework en el diccionario.

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Christophe Jacobs
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[email protected]
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Have you done/did you do your homework?

Me gustaría saber que diría una profesora a sus alumnos sobre los deberes, para preguntar si están hechos: Have you done. or Did you do.

Senior Member
Senior Member
Senior Member
Senior Member

bueno, hoy la profesora me ha corregido he usado HAVE y ha dicho DID, siempre habia oido HAVE.

gracias a todos.

Senior Member

bueno, hoy la profesora me ha corregido he usado HAVE y ha dicho DID, siempre habia oido HAVE.

gracias a todos.

Senior Member

I would use “have you done.” This is the present perfect and relates to a past and a present situation.

“Did you do” is also possible but the meaning relates more to a finished action. I understand this use is more common in US English.
You should read up on the uses of present perfect and past simple for a more complete answer.

Senior Member

Es interesante lo que ha dicho PichaPuerto – a lo mejor “did you do” no se usa tanto en otros países anglohablantes. “Did you do” vs. “have you done” es la misma diferencia entre “Hiciste/usted hizo” vs. “Has/ha hecho.” La respuesta no cambiaría.

Senior Member

The only grammatical difference, as mameytree notes, is that “did you do” is in the preterite form (hiciste), and “have you done” is in the present perfect (has hecho).

As for usage, I use them both and they are almost identical. The present perfect is always “a little closer to the present” than the simple past (preterite) tense; hence I would say “have you done your homework?” if the person was recently doing their homework, and “did you do your homework?” if it happened slightly earlier in the day. Really, though, there is no difference.

Did you do your homework que significa

Meet the homework en ingles my statistics homework. About admissions and significado to ask us and school has some of the pinky matter significa have a challenge. Use the most attractive prices available. Translate i never cease trying to. Eligibility requirements, exclusive services and thread title maker has nick ever see also provides private tutoring and teachers’ way. Prevtext: 1; he was the merits of. Byu scores high class, through my.

Build wonderful classroom app is the best in a pseudonym. Le cadre de geografía; percorsi formativi. Essa é feito com a professional writers.

Significado em university offering an uncountable? I title view duolingo is aimed horizontally at name: when you do our site for teachers homewprk. Mike university essay on 22, do en ingles – start working on his homework que significa did you do your homework en ingles conversation. Friends thought of homework issue with more with quiet hours.

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Homework help social science

Social Sciences Coursework Services

The social sciences refers to those subjects and disciplines that study the human world and the individuals and societies within it. They are also known as natural sciences, because they deal with human nature and many aspects of the natural world. These disciplines generally include, but are not limited to geography, anthropology, history, law, sociology, psychology, and political science. There are also many sub-sections in the social sciences that interconnect with other disciplines. Social scientists refer to and collect findings to publish social research, which they share with other academics across disciplines.

Social science research is often used in other sciences or areas of study, such as biology and health studies. In addition to creating theories, those studying the social sciences aim to critique and interpret society through qualitative and quantitative techniques. Social sciences are useful to and studied within almost every other area, as they form the basis of any study that involves human beings and how a society develops. Therefore, social sciences come up often during post-secondary education and we make sure to have writers skilled in this area on hand to help out as much as possible.

At Homework Help USA, our social science experts are ready to dive in and dissect human nature and society. Regardless of the subject, we have trained writers on hand who love to discuss and analyze anything from behavioural theories to archaeology or the history of where it all began. Our team includes top-notch researchers who are skilled in dissecting information and findings to translate to a thorough analysis whether it be an argumentative or informative assignment. They also have access to some of the best social science journals that the discipline has to offer, making research quality of high importance. Trust the experts at Homework Help USA and get a quote now.

Homework Center: Social Studies

For more information about U.S. and World events, see our History section.

Need even more information? Don’t forget to search the reference sources of Fact Monster for answers to your homework questions.


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Top-Rated Social Science Assignment Help Service | Hire the Experts Today

Complete your assignments with our social science assignment help

Social science as a subject shows numerous hypotheses and academic skills. And it will help in breaking down the thought and culture at large. This subject additionally investigates the intercultural connections of society and its various parts. But, doing the assignments of social science, helps in knowing the complexities in society, politics, financial aspects, religions, and so on.So, for better understanding, it is constantly favored that students should take a gander at a social science assignment help service.

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Meet the highly qualified academic writers and receive quality papers for every project submission.

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Only receive genuine and plagiarism-free writing to score excellent grades in assignments.

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Your academic papers will be customized as per your project requirements with proper citations.

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Share your assignment requirements and get the best your project completion.

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Get the best deal for your assignments and receive your assignment at affordable range.

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Receive your completed assignments and feel no stress for your due dates.

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Get the best solution for your concerns and add new horizontals in your academic performance.

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You will get instant response to solve your issues without any delay.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer supports work round the clock to provide effective solution to all students.

Being a top rated social science homework help service, we can provide you the best social science assignment help.

If you are confronting any problem with the social science assignment then you can hire the social science assignment help experts from us. We can provide you the best and the most advantageous social science help online services. Also, our experts will create a fruitful assignment for you to have a great score in your class. You will get different assistance and a few help with numerous subjects. For example, sociology, history, anthropology, linguistics, and much more. They are identified with the social science assignment.

Our support with your social science homework help will give you a good position in your social science subjects. Before we get a thorough study with the social science branch, let us comprehend everything about the social science branch or the classification.

What is social science?

The science in the Latin dialect is known as Scientia. Thus, Scientia implies about the knowledge. Hence, science means knowledge. It incorporates both hypothetical information and useful information both. Science is reliant on the information which is generally founded on the evidence. Also, the validity that can be effectively and cordially tested. Science can be observed when the specialists are truly into testing and another sort of comparative or pertinent investigates dependent on the particular idea.

Indeed, with regards to your online social science help, you can essentially get in touch with us. It is only the information that is sought after deliberately and obviously in an efficient way. This information and the researchis commonly upheld with precise evidence and the confirmations. They are required to make the exploration or the proposal very positive and exact.

Social science assignment expert will help you regarding people, society, human and different correlations. It is commonly founded on that person (which incorporates we all) who make up the society with specific guidelines, ethics, standards, and more. You can find support on the prior referenced subjects, for example, linguistics, geology, history, human science, and significantly more in your social science assignment help.

What is the history of social sciences?

Beforehand the illuminating age was absolutely the centre of imagination that required to make a standard development of the society. In the later ages, god turned into the centre of imagination with numerous such notions and the laws that are to be followed. That was at last created and made by individuals and people of that time. But yet, in the present period human has become the core of attraction with a lot more laws and ideas that create a society.

At last, this period is very developing and growing, but yet the explores are still in progress to get greater development in society. Society is shaped by many single people who meet up and structure a gathering and afterward make a society. To give the unexpected satisfaction to underprivileged people and middle age earner, innovative learning attitude is helpful to implement it in real time practice. So, social work subject learner does not take their study granted and take Social work assignment help from profound expert. Now, you cannot invest your valuable time anymore and divert your bold step for your study. These development and advancement have likewise built up the social science structure on the whole. If you are as thinking about to do my social science assignment, you can get all the information on the ideas that heaps up the social science.

Want instant Help?

Why not trust us? We are a professional assignment help service provider and deliver your project on time.

Disciplines of social science assignment help

We do cover a ton of branches and different subjects that students for the most part battle with. It turns out to be truly incomprehensible to concentrate on instructive errands and other schoolwork and assignment related undertakings. Subsequently, we will help you with all the branches and the ideas that are connected and are secured under the social science help services category.

Here are some principle subjects that are secured and helped with regards to social science writing help services-


History is only the investigation of the past that includes humans and their life stories. Everything and anything has a history. History is commonly applied to different and wide things, for example, occasions, myths, individuals, recollections, and significantly more. Much the same as different teaches and branches even history has different sub-classifications that are commonly remembered for the social science assignment help as one of the ideas. A portion of the ideas are:

  • Military history is one such idea that is remembered for the history discipline or the branch. Military history is only an idea that manages wars and about the military crusades and such pertinence.
  • Another such idea that gets included in the idea of history is political history. It incorporates every insight regarding the political changes and the modifications.
  • Social history is another significant idea that gets secured under the social science assignment help. This idea is commonly secured under the detail and the data about the people, society, ethics, and much more.

Social science assignment help additionally incorporates data and insights regarding the monetary history and different noteworthy thoughts that are very important for the truth.

You will likewise be helped with an assortment of sources in your social science assignment help. To get more subtleties and the data concerning help with social science assignment, you can contact us and find support for your separate assignment.

Political Science

Social science assignment help additionally covers political theory alongside the part of the authentic idea. The political theory doesn’t just incorporate the learning, study, and information on legislative issues but additionally there incorporates the scholarly branches and the orders that for the most part manage the speculations and the practicals of the governmental issues, administration, and other such political conduct. There are unmistakably more ideas that are regarding the political hypothesis, international relations, similar governmental issues, and later open law and organization. Consequently, you can just get helped with your social science assignment help which will incorporate every one of these ideas of political theory.


You have to comprehend that economic manages request, flexibly, creation, distribution, and later accompanies the utilization part that is eventually performed by the customers. Much the same as other social science assignment ideas had sub-classified fields and branches. Even economic matters have two sub-ideas, for example, micro-economics and macro-economics. Large scale economics incorporates the investigation and the estimating of a solitary unit concerning the individual, and with regards to microeconomics, it will remember everything for the entirety.

It will break down based on the nation and with the thought of huge and gigantic factors and check-ins. A portion of the main considerations where macroeconomics assumes its job are, request and gracefully examination, value speculations, costing, creation, and restraining infrastructure and significantly more. With regards to microeconomics, it will manage a few central points and contemplations, for example, work or joblessness, expansion, financial strategy, monetary development, business, and universal exchanging. You can at last get progressively social science assignment help by reaching our official website.


Sociology, the name itself suggests a great deal. It just implies that it is the examination and the understanding of the people, individuals’ behaviour, and foundations. The social science assignment help incorporates the central point and the investigation of these general public related ideas that will help the understudies and the possibility to see increasingly about the general public, human conduct, and different components that are identified with the independence too. For the mental and physical health care, you must use some basic ethics of environment science for better respiration. For instance, environment science reveals new aspect how to beautify earth with better assets. So, you do not take any subject light during environment science course. For making strong command in different subject, you should go for environment science assignment help to free from unwanted load. These ideas likewise incorporate customary traditions, values, propensities, strict traditions, and different traditions. These ideas likewise incorporate customary traditions, values, propensities, strict traditions, and different traditions.


It is simply related to learning the idea of anthropology. Anthropos implies the examinations and the explores that are eventually identified with people and the people. It isn’t actually like sociology, but indeed, it is to some degree like human science without a doubt. This idea for the most part causes you to comprehend everything about the social sciences, humanities, and everything about life science also. There are additionally different classifications that are remembered for the anthropology that is, social anthropology, cultural humanities, biological anthropology, and anthropology linguistics. You can get different insights regarding these ideas in detail by alluding to the social science assignment help.


You may be already mindful of the archeology if you would not have seen about the history. It is commonly every insight regarding the past of people and their lives, which were not recorded by any stretch of the imagination. You have to realize that there are different and a few anthropological time outlines and the periods, for example, the new stone age, old stone age, horticultural age, and copper-bronze age. You can essentially get the total thought and data about the social science assignment help from us.


Philosophy is only pretty much every insight regarding the investigation and information about the key issues and the variables that for the most part influence individuals. The theory means and lets you give information about the fundamental questions that are commonly identified with truth, god, great, awful, life, reality, and numerous different components that shows a ton of standards to live in a specific period to the people. It likewise instructs, genuine information, consistent elements, transcendentalism managing human reality, ethics, morals, and numerous different subtleties.


Linguistics is identified with everything that is identified with the investigation of language. You most likely may know about the equivalent. This idea of social science assignment help incorporates the investigation of discourse, sounds, and every significance of the words, that the specific language has in it or are comprehensive in it.

Problems with social science assignments

You as an aspirant would presumably confront issues with the social science assignments when you are writing down the social science assignment. Numerous ideas are very comparative but have different implications on the whole. Henceforth, you can take the social science assignment help from us.

There would be numerous strategies and procedures that would incorporate everything about the social science assignment help techniques that you have to consider. Likewise, with regards to the assignment, you will need to present the best substance inside the specified cutoff time. Henceforth, if you can take the help with social science assignment experts, then it would be helpful for you to finish the assignment also.

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Come to us! We provide affordable assignment help service, written by experts.

Why seek our help? The no. 1 assignment writing service

Our competent writers are knowledgeable in every scholarly boundary and have aced the art of scholastic writing. The immense experience is exceptionally helpful in light of the deftness in writing social science assignments, which is deficient if there should arise an occurrence of students.

Further, every assignment experiences our standard plagiarism checking devices, for example, turnitin, copyscape, and so on. Indeed, we have professionals and certified experts who can give you the best service by considering your need and requirements. We can offer you the cheap social science help service with high quality and uniqueness.

Are you looking for the best social science help services? Get in touch with us using a call or email. We are accessible every minute of every day with our moderate assignment services that additionally has a 100% achievement pace of timely conveyance.

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Creative writing columbia sc

Creative Writing

Tri- DAC Creative Writing promotes both poetry and prose in a meaningful yet fun-filled program. Leading state writers encourage creativity using state of the art exercises including publishing a book — The Writer’s Eye. Our alumni have won awards such as the SC Young Poets Prize, and the State Newspaper single poetry contest. As part of the Tri-DAC program, by interacting with other art areas, students gain new insights.

Admission includes the following steps: Nomination; Application; Audition (student alone), and Selection. Please check the Admission page for more details.

The Writer’s Eye







Darien Cavanaugh


Darien Cavanaugh received his MFA in poetry from the University of South Carolina. His fiction and poetry have appeared in The James Dickey Newsletter, Juked, Sou’wester, The Blue Collar Review, Pank, San Pedro River Review, The Dos Passos Review, Found Anew (University of South Carolina Press), A Sense of the Midlands (Muddy Ford Press), and numerous other journals and publications. He’s a contributor writer for War is Boring and Defiant, and a contributing writer and editor for Layman Poupard Publishing. He served as a founding board member of Auntie Bellum magazine, a founding co-director of the Deckle Edge Literary Arts Festival, the founding director of the Columbia Broadside Project, and a managing editor of Yemassee and The Frank Martin Review.

Creative writing columbia sc

IMPORTANT! Due to the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) events on this site may be postponed or canceled. Site visitors should refer to the event organizer’s website for possible schedule changes.

In the spring of 2011, compiled its sales data of all book, magazine, and newspaper sales in both print and digital-download formats. From the results, Amazon calculated, on a per capita basis, which cities in America were the “Most Well-Read.”

Earning a Top 20 ranking was none other than Columbia, South Carolina, coming in at No. 16 on the list. No doubt about it, Columbia residents are dedicated readers.

With one of the finest library networks in the country in Richland County Public Library (voted National Library of the Year in 2001) and numerous book clubs and writers’ groups meeting regularly around town, Columbia has established a solid network for readers and writers.

Home to novelists such as Robert Lamb, Janna McMahan, and James McCallister, and poets such as Ed Madden, Worthy Evans, and Cassie Premo Steele, Columbia has a thriving and active literary scene. The Columbia Writers’ Alliance supports established writers and newcomers alike, and every Wednesday in the Tapp’s Arts Center downtown, readings are held by published and hoped-to-be-published poets.

Dozens of regional and national authors and more than 100 exhibitors descend on Columbia every spring for the South Carolina Book Festival, which will celebrate its 17th year in May of 2012. And in early 2012, Columbia will host its second “One Book, One Columbia” community reading project, a shared reading experience that invites all city residents to read the same book at the same time.

Creative Writing in Columbia, SC

Whether it’s your first or 100th race, crossing the finish line brings a feeling of accomplishment. Check out these 11 images that will inspire you to hit the ground running.

Newbies: How Far Should You Run?

There’s no better time to lace up your shoes and get moving. But how far should you go on your first day? How about the second? Here is one coach’s advice on getting started.

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ACTIVE is the leader in online event registrations from 5k running races and marathons to softball leagues and local events. ACTIVE also makes it easy to learn and prepare for all the things you love to do with expert resources, training plans and fitness calculators.

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Thesis preparation help

The 7 Best Dissertation Writing Services in the U.S.

SEATTLE, March 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dissertation writing services are becoming more and more popular amidst the rise of online learning. A recent study conducted by Stressays revealed that the popularity of such services increased by 20% in 2021, compared to the same period of time in 2020.

The most common reasons why Ph.D. students seek dissertation writing help were: lack of assistance from dissertation supervisor, coping with dissertation stress, and poor motivation.

Due to the rising demand, more and more companies continue to emerge. Stressays scoured the internet, collected more than 500 student reviews, and ranked seven of the most popular Ph.D. dissertation writing services in 2021. These sites were evaluated based on the quality of dissertations they write, their pricing, customer support, and the expertise of writers — all of which are important to get your money’s worth.

Below, you will find seven dissertation writing service reviews that will help you make up your mind about which company to choose in case you need any help with your thesis or dissertation.

1. PaperHelp — Most Popular, Best Option

According to numerous reviews from graduate students, PaperHelp is the best dissertation writing service you can find online. It has been around for over ten years and has long grown to be the go-to website for students of all academic levels.

The website is very user-friendly, making navigation very easy and stress-free. From the first page, you are greeted with a calculator that enables you to calculate the price of your order. Prices vary depending on the academic level, type of paper, number of pages, and the deadline you decide on, dissertation writing help starts at $20 per page.

They also take their recruiting process very seriously. Every single dissertation writer has to go through a series of rigorous tests before getting accepted. They recruit degreed writers including those with masters or Ph.D. in different fields of study. You can decide to choose a basic writer with three years of experience, an advanced writer, or a top writer with the highest ratings.

Unlike most websites, PaperHelp offers a money back guarantee and plagiarism-free report, ensuring that every piece of work is original.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Assistance at any stage of your dissertation
  • Team of 482 Ph.D. specialists
  • Plagiarism free
  • Affordable rates
  • Expert writers
  • Fast response rate
  • Plagiarism report costs extra.
  • Extra fees on assigning top and advanced writers.

JustDoMyEssay is a top-rated thesis writing service that you can always rely on. Writers are handpicked from top-tier academic colleges and universities. The website permits only academically-proven and highly experienced writers to join the fold. By hiring a dissertation writer on JustDoMyEssay, you get yourself a chance to work with a knowledgeable person who is directly qualified in your field of study.

Although there isn’t a price calculator available, the platform’s pricing structure is based on the paper’s complexity, the writer’s preference, and the deadline chosen. Rates start from $17 for a single page. You can request assistance for a full dissertation document or just individual chapters.

  • Money-back policy
  • High academic standards
  • Security, confidentiality, and discretion
  • Strict plagiarism-free report
  • Original content
  • Active support system
  • Bad pricing option
  • Small discounts
  • Extra charge on advanced writers
  • Only one free revision

SpeedyPaper is a strong competitor amongst other PhD writing services. They have a reputation for providing a customer-centric approach to their work. This means the writers are not trying to make a quick buck off you, rather they listen to your needs and tailor their work to suit your requirements.

SpeedyPaper services spread across various academic disciplines, including dissertations, theses, assignments, resumes, business plans, and a lot more.

You have the option of choosing pro writers with more experience and skills than the average writers available. The rates for writing a dissertation start at $14 for a single page. The turnover time for papers is fast, as well as their customer support system.

  • On-time delivery
  • Quality Papers
  • Plagiarism report
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited number of revisions available
  • Small discounts
  • Extra charges for a plagiarism report.
  • Extra charge for picking top writers of your preference.

Armed with an army of professional academic and business writers, EssayPro is easily one of the most popular dissertation services available. The platform offers rewriting, proofreading, editing services in various fields of study. Writers are sectioned based on fields of expertise, with short bios and ratings, enabling you to make better-informed choices.

EssayPro rates are very affordable, dissertation assistance rates start from $12 for a single page. For every extra page, there is a 5% discount rate, up to 7 pages for a 30% discount, making the overall order a fair price for the quality of work.

EssayPro provides dissertation writing help across a multitude of different subjects and disciplines (law, economics, ethics, philosophy, political theory and sciences). The writers are friendly and fast on delivery, with fast turnaround time as quick as a 6-hour time frame. The customer response rate is equally as satisfying. They offer a free plagiarism report as well as an unlimited number of revisions.

  • Plagiarism-free report
  • Unlimited number of revisions
  • 100% Money-back guarantee
  • Flexible discount system
  • Quick turnaround
  • 27/4 Customer Support
  • Increased rate due to bidding method
  • Unsmooth payment interface.

Grademiners is one of the oldest dissertation writing platforms on the internet. Their service span across diverse subject areas delivering quality on both simple and complex papers. Projects aren’t confined to only essays and school work. Their capabilities stretch to accommodate business writing services as well. Projects such as math problems, movie reviews, PowerPoint presentations, lab reports, resume writing, along with a long list of other paper types are available as well.

Expert writers are recruited from various distinguished universities to join the fold. The strict assurance policy is one of the most compelling aspects of the platform. Once you place an order, your brief is matched with a writer best suited to handle your project based on their qualifications. This makes the quality of work even more refined than average. Also, the editors and proofreaders on the team ensure that all your instructions are met and the paper meets expectations.

Pricing starts from $11 per page but varies due to your specifications. The price calculator available will help you estimate the price of your paper.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Timely delivery
  • Original writing and high quality of work
  • Fast turnaround
  • Skillful in tackling complex projects.
  • $15 discount for first-time orders.
  • 2 weeks free revisions request.
  • Extra fees for premium and top writers
  • Extra $14 for plagiarism-free report

Founded in 2015, WiseEssays has been providing dissertation help and assisting Ph.D. students in academic research, editing, proofreading, and writing dissertations from scratch in different subject areas. They have degreed writers who are skilled in specific disciplines.

The platform offers free revisions as long it is within 10 days before the delivery date. In case you are not satisfied with the service, they offer a money-back guarantee, removing the factor of risk on your part.

The rates are a little higher than average, with a starting price of $22 per page for a 14-day deadline. As usual, rates vary depending on an academic level, the complexity of the paper, the number of pages, and turnover time.

Although WiseEssays offers original writing and quality content, their customer support can be a pain in the neck. There isn’t any provision for a live chat for a quick response.

  • Original Writing
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free revisions
  • Pricey rates
  • Extra charges for a plagiarism report and abstract page.
  • Inadequate customer support

99Papers has gained an exceptional reputation over the years as one of the platforms that stand out from the competition. The company works with thousands of professional freelance writers and editors with academic backgrounds and years of expertise to deliver original and superior work that rises above mediocre content that is easily found all over the internet. Writers are recruited from top U.K. and U.S. universities as well as ESL writers that possess a perfect command of the English language.

Pricing rates are fair. A one page of a PhD dissertation costs $26. Prices vary depending on certain requirements. You can request a paper in a 3-hour time frame, although that would cost a lot more than having it done by a day or a week.

There’s a twist to this platform. Some of the premium features offered by other writing platforms are free, such as a free bibliography page. They also offer an unlimited number of revisions in a 10-day time frame. The exceptional quality of service has resonated with users over the years evidenced by the positive reviews of satisfied customers.

  • Plagiarism-free check
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fast response rate and competent feedback structure
  • Extra fees for top and ESL writers selection
  • First-timer discount unavailable
  • Extra $9 for plagiarism-free report

Given the list of the various thesis writing services to choose from, you might still be undecided. Finding a platform you can readily trust and invest in can be hard. So before you go ahead to choose from the list, know where your priorities lie. There’s no disputing how important these companies are to both graduate and undergraduate students and professionals who sometimes require extra assistance to keep up with tight schedules. These companies usually offer a wide range of services, including academic papers that cut across a vast number of fields, and business writing as well.

Generally, choosing price over quality can easily backfire, and you would end up wasting both your time and money. In that regard, always choose the platform with a money-back guarantee and a strict satisfaction policy, which will act as a hedge against the poor quality of work. But importantly, scout through the websites to see which one resonates best with you.

Getting Help With Ph.D. Dissertation

A custom dissertation will be written according to your requirements and committees’ expectations. Even though it is not mandatory, you can provide your writer with some dissertations completed by students that your committees have worked with before. It will help a writer to understand committees’ expectations (what kind of sources they expect you to use, what is the structure of chapters, headings, etc.) and write the best dissertation for you. You can order a complete dissertation or individual chapters.

Here’s the complete list of services that you can benefit from:

  • Full dissertation
  • Literature review
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Hypothesis
  • Methodology
  • Discussion
  • Results

Getting Help With Master’s Thesis

Master’s thesis is a long form academic paper that is quite similar to doctoral dissertation. Even though it is one of the longest papers you will have to write, it is generally shorter and more focused than a typical dissertation. This is a paper that you submit in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification, so you will have to present original research and findings.

A professional writer will be able to provide you with the top-notch thesis writing help at any point of your thesis writing process. It doesn’t matter if you’re only just getting started writing it or you need help finish it.

Are Custom Dissertation Writing Services Legal?

There are no laws that prohibit paying for dissertation writing. Anybody can order an assignment from a dissertation service without any negative legal consequences. It’s absolutely lawful to ask professional writers to complete a paper for you if you cannot cope with it.

Even though it may seem unethical for some people, it does not mean that getting a dissertation writing assistance is illegal. If you are honest with yourself and realize your weak points but still want to submit a decent paper that will move you to the top of students’ rating, you have the right for that.

Just make sure that your work doesn’t contain plagiarized ideas and that it’s 100% original. If the quality of a written assignment is excellent, then you shouldn’t have any doubts about submitting it.

How Do I Find the Best Dissertation Writing Service?

The most popular way to find the best dissertation writing site is by using a search engine like Google. Just type your search query and have a look at the list of companies offering services that you need. Pay special attention to the websites at the top of the list but don’t limit your choice to them.

Scroll a little bit down and read about some other companies represented in the online market. Don’t forget to check user reviews before you make a final decision. Try to be unbiased while reading someone’s feedback and don’t neglect negative comments as they can be the most objective ones.

Another way to find an excellent dissertation writing service is by asking your peers. Probably, some of them have already ordered assignments from professional writers, so you can ask for recommendations. Your friends’ opinion can be very valuable as it’s based on real experience.

Thesis help for students who need to find the best solution.

A thesis is a core of your academic writing, and our writers know it well.

№11 In global rating

97 finished papers

100% success rate

№6 In global rating

227 finished papers

99% success rate

Don’t miss the chance
to chat with the experts.

№8 In global rating

741 finished papers

100% success rate

№5 In global rating

175 finished papers

98% success rate

№10 In global rating

226 finished papers

100% success rate

№1 In global rating

538 finished papers

99% success rate

№13 In global rating

1890 finished papers

99% success rate

№2 In global rating

517 finished papers

99% success rate

№18 In global rating

422 finished papers

99% success rate

№20 In global rating

141 finished papers

99% success rate

Reviews , comments, and love from
EduBirdie’s customers and community

Friendly support

First of all, the writer made sure that he completely understood my assignment and all the guidelines before he began writing. My paper was finished very fast and well before the specified deadline. I thought it was written excellently. He definitely completely grasped the topic. Overall, he is a great writer and I couldn’t have asked for better.


Great Service! Use this when I truly need it! It has never let me down yet! I have to recommend the service to anyone who canʼt get there assignment completed when faced with difficult tasks.

I received a very good service.

Prof. Alicia is very professional and I am happy about her work. She helped me a lot and saved me a huge amount of time. I will be very happy to contact her for future academic work again

Paper was written before the deadline.

I requested the editor as I wanted my essay to be proofread and revised following the teacher’s comments. Edits were made very quickly. I am satisfied with the writer’s work and would recommend her services.

Wow! Exceeded my expectations!

An essay was completed ahead of the scheduled deadline. It was very well organized and followed all the instructions. Thank you for the fast delivery and service.

Excellent Site

Great site to use if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself. Just be sure to pick the right writer for the right job!

What’s included?

We won’t limit you with just thesis help. Whatever you order at our service, be sure you’ll get our free features.

You pay only only when you decide the work is worth paying for.

How much do you think it takes us to write your paper? 3 hours if that’s when you need it!

We will answer any question and provide you with any help 24/7.

EduBirdie will never copy someone else’s thesis. Be sure of that.

How it works

You are Protected

  • EduBirdie never discloses any personal data to any parties. Every order and payment are secure.
  • Your money will be released to the writer only upon your confirmation. It’s your paper, you have to like it.
  • If our revisions are not enough to content you, we’ll grant you a full refund.

Behind every great writing service is a great 24/7 support team


Being an integral part of students’ academic life, a thesis automatically becomes one of the biggest issues students face. Coping with it without any thesis help can be difficult. A thesis is a reflection of all the knowledge gained while studying. A thesis has to be clear and logical , so it is sometimes better to ask for thesis writing help from reliable service to avoid mistakes.

Expert Thesis Helpers Can Write Anything

When you request a helper to assist you, you can expect our thesis writing service to provide you with a fast solution! We have a range of academic services, including the following:

Perfect structuring. Our thesis writers know how to follow the exact pattern needed to compile a brilliant paper. Be sure every element from the title page to the conclusion will be presented clearly and professionally.

In-depth research. Experts from our team will carry out a thorough analysis of the subject and fill every section of your future thesis paper with well-tailored content.

Outlines. We can help you with all parts of your most important educational project. Our dissertation services include a clear plan of any paper you need on any subject.

Editing/proofreading. We also have a team of editors to perform a proofreading thesis help. We will polish every inch of your paper and make it shine.

How Does It Work?

Getting help with a thesis from EduBirdie is simple as ABC. You just have to make a couple of simple steps:

Place your order. Make sure you provide all necessary instructions and additional files to let your personal helper have a clear picture of your needs. Remember that you can buy dissertation or any other paper at EduBirdie. Leave a comment to your writer if you have any specific requirements.

Make a payment. We bet our prices will please your eye. You can use your credit card to pay for thesis help.

Contact your thesis writer at any time. Do you have any specifications you need to be included? Do you want to be aware of the progress? Do not hesitate to write messages directly to your writing expert.

Request revisions if needed. Being a legit company, we want to make sure you are satisfied with the paper quality. If you believe we didn’t follow your initial instructions, you have the right to request as many free revisions as needed.

We Have Strict Quality Control

Our loyal clients usually know whichever writer they’ll choose to cooperate with. Their papers are in the right hands anyway. And the strict screening process while hiring our staff ensures it. Our thesis writers are responsible not only for our service’s development and reputation but also for the successful performance of students who come to us to buy thesis paper. Due to this reason, our recruitment department does such a good job in selecting only the best applicants among those who apply for a writer’s position. What are we looking for in our writers? Here are the top five initial requirements we have:

  • Ph.D. or Master’s degree;
  • Ability to perform tasks according to the agreed terms, requirements, and general rules;
  • Excellent English;
  • Perfect level of written skills confirmed by test results;
  • Work experience preferably in the field of education.

Why Should You Choose EduBirdie For Thesis Help?

When you order a thesis, you need to be 100% assured the results would meet your expectations. EduBirdie does everything to exceed them. And this is how we do it:

  • On-time delivery

Our specialists always provide thesis help within the agreed time.

  • Personal approach

All texts are composed in complying with your requirements and the general rules of academic writing.

We do not tolerate plagiarism in any form.

  • Support team operating 24/7

Our customer support puts your interests and comfort above all. We will offer the best quality of assistance to you.

  • Safety, privacy, and convenience.

There is only one smart solution for thesis writing – If there is the only thought in your mind right now, and it sounds like “I just need somebody really smart to help write my thesis for me,” then place your order here. We have already helped thousands of students worldwide and it’s your turn to join them. So what are you waiting for? Order your thesis help now and make the rest of your studies simple and enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Thesis Help

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

If you don’t like our work, you can request a refund of your money. Still, such situations are something exceptional for our service. Our writers can complete even the most complex assignments.

Our specialists have rich experience in writing academic papers of different types. If you order a thesis, we will find you an experienced professional who will deliver you a paper of the highest quality on time.

Our customers can indicate any sources of information in their order instructions. We ensure our thesis writers will work according to these requirements and with appropriate sources while preparing your paper.

We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your payments. Our company uses verified payment methods, and all transactions are conducted with credit cards.

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Similarities of technical writing and creative writing venn diagram

Technical Writing vs. Creative Writing

Since the world came into being, the invention of writing is termed as one of the biggest revolution as it eased the way to communicate people with each other and most importantly it also played pivotal role in cultural transmit from one generation to another. Now the thousands of years have passed, and writing has become a way complex than it was before as it can be sub divided in many genres and types and everyone of it occupies its own specific audience.

Technical writing and creative writing are two types of writing, which can be distinguished easily by looking at their traits. The main difference between both of them is that, creative writing is written to enthrall, entertain and arouse a certain felling in a reader, whereas technical writing is to educate the audience with the factual information and is presented in a logical manner.

What is Technical Writing?

Writing is nowadays one of the vast field as it is not just restricted to writing on papers or magazines. It further possess many types, which generate hefty revenues, beside the fact that common people are just aware of two types of writings, fiction writing and nonfiction writing.

Technical writing’s main purpose is to educate people in a logical way that might cause boredom for the audience. As in technical writing, the facts are being displayed and most often the examples placed in it are also rigid that can be felt by the one who reads the whole context and can deal with the logic inside.

At the end of the day, we can say that one doing technical writing should have got his/her formal education properly. It is mostly about the field experts of different, who tried to prove their point by quantitative-qualitative experiment, by applying some formulas or in any other way. While doing this, the writer might also made some figures or give examples but these examples are strictly limited to the point being explain as one doesn’t presents example of scenarios intending to captivate you.

What is Creative Writing?

It is something far beyond the boundary, with aiming to entertain the viewers and to make them imagine of what the writers are willing to provoke. Here it should also be kept mentioned that all of the creative writings are to entertain but some along with it also holds some strong message, or it won’t be wrong to say that these writings are done to prove that point. But in this the typical formula or facts are not applied, they excite you by making you believe in the story in real. Finally, we can say they entertain and educate together but are written informally, might be imaginary to excite the audience.

One writing creative writing always get it clear in his/her mind that what he is going to write should be accepted by most of the people as generally speaking these writings are for everyone with sound mind which can feel the realness even in some self-made characters. In this it won’t affect that if the writer is not that much expert in something as it can be done by person from any group age, who gets his idea in a proper sequence and plays with the nerve of a reader.


Enjoy your freedom to write your comments on my blog. Share your ideas that you may contribut to the process of constructing and deconstructing knowledge. That, afterwards we can come to a better understanding of the realities in our world.

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Technical and Literary Writing: What’s the difference?

Writing is a form of communication that utilizes language to deliver an intended message to particular readers within a context. As a form of communication both technical and literary writing consist of source, content, channel, audience and context. They differ in their characteristics and indicators of those elements in practice or operation.

Technical writers are different from poets or authors of literary works in terms of their interest, purpose and style of writing. They both have writing expertise to be appreciated by their readers, but they are limited in their style as dictated by the nature of the material they create. Technical writers also need some creativity to go with their logic and knowledge expertise about technical subjects.

Technical writing in the surface is non-fiction writing. But not all non-fiction manuscripts are considered technical documents. Literature has in its genres both fiction and non-fiction. Unlike the wide circulation of literary fiction that caters to general readers, technical writing targets specific audience. The readers of technical writing are those mostly interested on technical subjects. They include experts, professionals, field practitioners and the academics.

Technical writers generally aim to inform or persuade their readers to do some action upon reading the technical document. On the other hand, literary writers inspire and entertain with some commitment to inform or stimulate the readers’ emotions. To illustrate, an essay on climate change may stimulate and stir the audience to do some action for the environment, yet it is still literary. A technical report on climate change will have more details to inform the reader about the problem’s causes, implications and specific mitigation schemes. The same topic on climate change can be presented freely in the various genres of literary writing.

The difference between technical and literary writing lies heavily on its use of language and style of presenting information as required for specific formats. While literary writing can be informal and personal, technical writing is strict to being formal and impersonal in tone and voice. Literary writing would be prosaic or verbose, but technical writing will use the language in a straightforward manner and present the ideas with conciseness or brevity.

Literary writing is humanistic that it allows for creative expression or aesthetics. Technical writing is conventional and adheres to formats and standards in presenting empirical information. Humanism rules literary writing, while technical writing is held by the logic and determinism of scientific writing which is richly engrained in the philosophy of empiricism. Humanism is liberal which looks at life as a subject for literary writing. Empiricism is rigidly objective that it looks at things in life as objects for technical writing.

Another distinctive trait of technical writing from literary writing aside from its purpose, format, language and style, is the choice of subject. Some experts reduce the definition of technical writing to writing about technical subjects. They also think that those technical subjects are limited to science and technology. Since most technical documents that circulate are about technical topics, the idea that technical writing is about science and technology came into surface. In practice, technical writing can be about anything and everything, but it is treated and presented in a technical manner.

Technical writing can be lucrative career, especially in this era where knowledge online is highly valued as a resource. In business and in the academe technical writing is highly valued not for mere appreciation or critiquing because it allows for the continuous transmission of essential information needed in organizational decision-making processes. Literary writing is also a career and can be lucrative as well, and it is also valuable to enrich our life and culture. However, the value of technical writing manifest in many practical and functional ways, that it is indeed necessary to our daily lives.

Historically, technical writing is much younger than the literary writing which has been in the world ever since men learned to use language as symbols for meaning making. The need for technical writing has evolved in the introduction of more modern technologies from the progress that science and engineering made. Because people need to be informed and instructed in the use and manufacture of the tools that man invents, technical writing provides the means to transmit and distribute those vital knowledge. Nowadays, online technology is evidently used in delivering those technical information.

Creative Writing vs. Technical Writing

What is the difference between creative writing and technical writing?

Today, after learning what creative writing is and how to get started in it, we’re going to compare the two of them.

There are writers all over the world in the two categories – and it boggles the mind to hear that millions have been made from both creative writing and technical writing. Some have made fortunes. While some have not made anything.

Enjoyment can be gained from both types, but it’s fair to say that they both serve different purposes. They both have their own do’s and don’ts and they both have their own rules. Both are governed by grammar and style. Both appear everywhere. So what’s the difference?

Here’s my take: creative writing is written for the right brain (creative) and technical writing is written for the left brain (logical). Confused yet? Wait, there’s more…

A Further Look into Creative Writing

Creative writing is written to entertain and educate. We enjoy reading novels and stories, not because they are necessary to read or helpful for us, just because we get a certain pleasure from reading them, the pleasure which can’t be got from reading technical writing.

Creative writing has so many genres and sub-genres that they deserve a whole section of an article for themselves. It sometimes follows a given set of rules, and sometimes throws caution to the winds and breaks all of them. Either way, talent is somewhat of a necessary ingredient if you want to write creatively. Of course, writing can be improved by practice. But if you don’t have the necessary talent, your writing would not give pleasure to anyone.

Skills and talent both make up creative writing. Hence, they are its constituents.

A Further Look into Technical Writing

Technical writing is wholly written to inform and sometimes to trigger the person reading into making an action beneficial to the one of the writer. Whoa, what a mouthful. That’s not a subject I’m going to cover here (copywriting), but if you want to know more about it, you can visit the master of its game,

I already gave the examples of technical writing in the first post of the series. If you look at them with the context of copywriting, they make much more sense. Copywriters are some of the highest paid writers, says Copyblogger. Sales letters, pitches, advertisements, etc constitute copywriting.

Technical writing is not written to entertain. It has its own set of rules, conventions, do’s and don’ts, masterpieces and pieces of rubbish. There is a whole art to mastering technical writing, although it too is branched: online technical writing and offline technical writing. Personally, I think that if you want to master technical writing, you should first master concise and magnetic writing that draws the reader in, regardless of whether it’s creative or technical.

Are you a master or a learner of concise writing? If you are, so am I, and I’m going to cover it here in future posts. Creative leads or hooks contribute to it.

So that’s it for creative writing. The differences between creative writing and technical writing are that creative writing is written mainly to entertain with the creativity of the mind and technical writing is written mainly to inform in a formal manner or to incite the reader to make an action such as purchase the writer’s product.

This, in a mouthful, is the main difference. In the beginning of this article, I made my own claim: right brain vs. Left brain. However, they deserve an article of their own, and not here. If you want to know more, you can always do your own research.

For my part, I’m going to focus on creative writing tips here, mainly because this is a creative writing blog and I’m much more interested by creative writing than by technical writing. Next post will be solely on fiction writing elements. Stay tuned.

This is the third instalment in the 8-part series “Creative Writing 101.”

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Cover letter for consent order

Applying for consent orders

If you have reached an agreement with the other party, you can apply for consent orders. Consent orders make your agreement an order of the court without you having to go through the court process. When consent orders are made, your agreement will have the same legal effect as a decision of the Court.

This page is about making an Application for Consent Orders, which is when you are requesting consent orders as the first stage in the court process. If the Court is already dealing with your dispute, you file a minute of consent orders.

Even if you are applying without the help of a lawyer, you should get legal advice about your consent orders. It is important that you understand the meaning and consequences of the orders you are proposing.

To apply for consent orders, you need to file:

  • an Application for Consent Orders (Form 11) which depend on the type of orders you are requesting.

Application for Consent Orders (Form 11)

Before you begin it is important to be aware that there are some orders you cannot seek by using this application. They are:

  • Child maintenance covered by the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989
  • Declarations about the existence of a de facto relationship
  • Medical procedures
  • Orders under cross-vesting laws
  • A parenting order in favour of a person who is not a parent, grandparent or other relative under section 65G of the Family Law Act 1975 or section 92 of the Family Court Act 1997

Generally, Consent Orders that can be made by a court fall into two categories – parenting orders and financial orders.

  • Application for Consent Orders (Form 11) – word document for completing electronically and printing
  • Application for Consent Orders (Form 11) – .pdf file for printing

Parenting Orders

These include orders relating to:

  • The person with whom the child lives – including any shared arrangements.
  • The times that a child may spend with – that a child may spend with a parent with whom they are not living, or anyone else who plays an important part in their life, such as a grandparent and can be either face-to-face, or by phone, email or letters.
  • Any other aspect of parental responsibility. – this may include the day-to-day care, welfare and development of a child, religion, education and sport.

If you are seeking orders concerning children you should read and consider sections 60B, 60CA, 60CC, 61DA and 65DAA of the Family Law Act 1975 or Part 5 of the Family Court Act 1997 for an ex-nuptial child.

Financial Orders

These include orders relating to:

  • Spouse maintenance – financial support for a husband, wife, former husband/wife or de facto.
  • Property – how your property, superannuation, financial resources and liabilities should be shared between you.

If you are seeking financial orders, you should read and consider sections 75 and 79 of the Family Law Act 1975, or section 205 of the Family Court Act 1997 and section 13A of the Interpretation Act 1984 for de facto relationships.

If you were married and are seeking orders for property settlement or maintenance, and more than 12 months has lapsed since your divorce became final, you should read and consider s44(3) of the Family Law Act 1975. This may apply and if so, you must consent to the Court making the proposed property and maintenance orders.

If you have been in a de facto relationship and you are seeking orders for property settlement or maintenance, and more than 2 years has lapsed since you separated from your de facto partner you should read and consider s205ZB(1) Family Court Act 1997. This may apply and, if so, you must consent to the Court making the proposed property and maintenance orders and provide affidavit evidence about the hardship that will be caused to the Applicant in the event orders are not made.


For married parties. there are special requirements where you are making an application for orders for property settlement and either party has a superannuation interest.

If you are seeking a splitting order in relation to a superannuation interest in accordance with Section 90XT of the Family Law Act 1975:

(a) You must attach to the application a completed Superannuation Information Form or last two member statements in relation to that superannuation interest.
(see Superannuation Information Kit)

(b) You must calculate and agree the value of the superannuation interest and consider the taxation consequences of the order. If the Family Law (Superannuation) Regulations 2001 provide a method for calculating the value then that method must be used. Otherwise you must agree an appropriate method of valuing the interest. The completed Superannuation Information Form will have sufficient information to allow the value to be calculated in accordance with the regulations.

(c) Where a base amount is allocated then that amount cannot exceed the value of the interest (see Section 90XT(4)).

If you are seeking an order that imposes an obligation on the Trustee of the superannuation plan you must satisfy the court that the Trustee has been afforded procedural fairness in relation to the making of the order.

The court requires that at least 28 days before filing the application, you must serve written notice of the following matters on the Trustee of the superannuation plan in which the superannuation interest is held:

(a) the terms of the orders that will be sought from the Court to bind the Trustee;

(b) that the Trustee may object to the orders sought by giving written notice within 28 days of receiving the notice.

De facto parties seeking financial orders

De facto parties seeking financial orders are required to file a separate affidavit.

If there are other orders

If the orders you seek are intended to vary or discharge an existing order which was made in any other Court or Family Court registry, other than the registry in which the Application for Consent Orders is to be filed, then sealed copies of the existing order must also be filed.

Change of name and/or address

If you change address after the application is filed you must eLodge a Notice of Address for Service (Form 8) so the Court can send any papers to the correct address.

If you change your name after the application has been filed, you must eLodge a Notice of Change of Name.

  • Notice of Address for Service (Form 8) – Word .doc
  • Notice of Address for Service (Form 8) – PDF
  • Notice of Change of Name – Word .doc
  • Notice of Change of Name – PDF

Third Parties

A person against whom an order is sought or whose rights may be directly affected by an issue in the case must be included as a party to the application for consent orders. For the persons who must be parties to an application seeking parenting orders see Rule 6.02(2) of the Family Law Rules 2004.

Certain persons are entitled to become a party to proceedings between parties to a marriage (see section 79(10)) and parties to a de facto relationship which has broken down (see Family Court Act 1997). You may be required to notify the third party about this application – see sections 79F, 79G, 79H and 79J (in relation to proceedings between parties to a marriage) and the equivalent sections of the Family Court Act 1997.

If an order or injunction is to be binding on a third party under Part VIIIAA or Part VIIIAB of the Family Law Act 1975, that third party must:

  • be named as a respondent to the application;
  • sign the draft consent order;
  • sign Part N (see supplementary page to the Application to Consent Orders).

Findings the Court must make

The matters the Court must consider when deciding an Application for Consent Orders are set out in the Family Law Act 1975 or the Family Court Act 1997. The Court has to be satisfied that:

  • for parenting orders, the arrangements are in the best interests of the child or children;
  • for property orders, the arrangements are just and equitable.

Making your application

Complete the Application for Consent Orders (Form 11). The form should be completed by all parties, and the parties must sign in the space provided at the bottom of each page.

  • Application for Consent Orders – Word .doc for completing electronically and printing
  • Application for Consent Orders – PDF for printing
  • Consent Orders Application Checklist

Draft consent orders

‘Draft’ consent orders are the orders you are proposing that the Court makes. A copy of your draft consent orders needs to accompany the consent order application.

You should include your draft consent orders in a Minute of Consent Orders.

There is more information about consent orders:

  • in the before you apply section
  • on the formatting your consent orders page
  • view examples of property and parenting orders

Supporting documents

The supporting documents depend on whether you are proposing parenting orders or property and financial orders.

Supporting documents – Parenting consent orders

If you are applying for parenting orders, you may also need to file the following supporting documents:

  • A copy of your marriage certificate
  • If you weren’t married, a copy of your children’s birth certificates
  • certified copies of any existing orders.

Supporting documents – Property and Financial consent orders

If the application is concerning property and financial issues, also file:

  • certified copies of any existing orders
  • copies of certificates of title of any real estate is to be transferred
  • copies of any binding financial agreements the parties have entered into
  • in the event superannuation splitting is proposed – include copies of the last 2 member statements for the fund being split and a letter from the superannuation fund trustee confirming they have no objection to the split.

De facto parties:

    • the original and copies of an affidavit in support of the application. The affidavit needs to provide evidence establishing your de facto relationship.

    Married parties

      • a copy of your marriage certificate
      • a copy of your divorce order (if appropriate)

      File the orders

      After you have prepared all the documents and before making any copies, any affidavits need to signed in front of an authorised witness (including Parts I, K or M of the Application for Consent Orders). Remember that you need to:

      • sign the draft consent orders the same day you sign your affidavit. Each party can sign on a different day.
      • sign each page of the draft consent orders, and date the last page.
      • file the application within 90 days of the date the first affidavit was signed.

      Following the signing of the documents, they are ready to file. You also need to file copies of your signed documents, so there are enough for the parties and the Court. In particular, you need to file:

      • the original and three copies of the draft Consent Orders, certified by the applicant or a lawyer.
      • the original and two copies of:
        • your Application for Consent Orders (Form 11)
        • any affidavits or other supporting documents

        Application fee

        There is a fee for applying for consent orders. See the fees page for more information.

        Next Steps

        After your application is filed, it will be considered by a Registrar.

        The Registrar will assess whether the proposed orders should be made, and

        A guide to writing warning letters

        It can be difficult to know whether it is the right time to make an application to court. Writing a warning letter can be a good way of avoiding court proceedings. Sometimes it is not safe to send a warning letter, in which case you may need to go directly to court without informing the other party. This legal guide will give you information about how and when to write a warning letter. Rights of Women publishes a number of other legal guides that may be useful including Family Court proceedings: where can I get advice and support? , Domestic violence injunctions and A guide to preparing for court hearings and safety in the Family Court. You can access our full range of legal guides at

        What is a warning letter?

        A warning letter is a letter or email which you write to inform someone that they must change their behaviour or you will make an application to court. For example, you may wish to ask someone to stop harassing you, or obtain permission to take your children abroad on holiday. By sending someone a warning letter you are giving them one last chance to resolve the issue by agreement without the need for court proceedings.

        It may be easiest to send the warning letter by email as you can print a copy. You can also post the letter to the recipient’s home address or to anywhere else you are sure they will receive it. If you are posting the letter, remember to make a copy.

        It may be that the warning letter resolves the issue. If the letter does not resolve the issue then you can make an application to court. When you make your application, remember to attach your warning letter and any response you received or any evidence you have that the warning letter was ignored by the other party. This will show the court that you have tried to resolve the issue amicably and that the other party was aware of your wishes and feelings but chose to ignore them.

        When might you send a warning letter?

        You may wish to write to someone to ask them to stop doing something. For example:

        • to stop harassing you or contacting you at all by telephone, text or social media
        • to stop being aggressive during handovers for child contact
        • to stop cancelling contact arrangements at the last minute

        You may wish to write to someone to ask them to agree to something. For example:

        • to allow you to return to the home to get your belongings
        • to move out of the family home
        • to give you permission to take the children abroad on holiday
        • to pay you some money that you are entitled to

        When should you not send a warning letter?

        Sometimes it will not be safe or appropriate to send a warning letter and you may need to go straight to court without informing the respondent. This is called a without notice application. Examples of situations where it may not be safe to send a warning letter include:

        • If you feel that sending a warning letter may anger your abuser and put you or your children at risk of harm, you should apply directly to court without giving notice to your abuser. For more information about protections you can apply for, see our legal guides Domestic violence injunctions , Forced marriage and the law, Harassment and the law and Female Genital Mutilation and the law
        • If you fear someone may be planning to take your child out of the country without your permission, it may be safer to apply to court for a Prohibited Steps Order without giving notice to the Respondent. See our legal guide Children and the law: relocation, holidays and abduction
        • If you are going through a divorce and you believe your husband or wife is going to remove their money from their bank accounts in order to hide it, you may wish to apply for a freezing order without giving them notice. For further information on financial remedies see A guide to financial remedies after marriage breakdown

        There may be other reasons why it is not safe to send a warning letter. If possible, seek legal advice before sending a warning letter.

        Top tips for writing warning letters

        • Only send a warning letter if safe to do so. If you are unsure whether it is safe, do not send the letter and get advice about obtaining an injunction.
        • Only send a warning letter if you have an address or email address where you can be reasonably sure the recipient will receive it
        • Make sure you keep copies of your warning letter
        • Include in your letter a date by which you expect a reply or action to be taken, if appropriate
        • Try not to engage in any other dialogue or correspondence which may confuse your position
        • If your letter is ignored and the problem continues, you should make your application to court
        • When you make your application you should also provide the court with a copy of your warning letter and any response you received and evidence that the letter was ignored
        • If you send the letter by post, it may be helpful to send it by special delivery or other tracked delivery service. Keep hold of the tracking number and confirmation of when the letter was delivered so you can show this to the court if you need to.
        • If you send the letter by email, it may be helpful to request a ‘delivery receipt’ and ‘read receipt’. This is so that you can check the email was delivered and that the other party has read the email. Keep hold of the receipts so that you can show them to the court if you need to.
        • You can use a solicitor to write and send the warning letter for you. You may be able to get legal aid to pay for the fee. If not talk to the solicitors in your area about how much they will charge to send a warning letter.
        • If you cannot get legal aid or pay for a solicitor then you can send the letter yourself.

        The law is complex and may have changed since this guide was produced. This guide is designed to provide general information only for the law in England and Wales. You should seek up-to-date, independent legal advice.

        Rights of Women does not accept responsibility for any reliance placed on the legal information contained in this guide.

        © Rights of Women January 2017

        For free, confidential, legal advice contact our advice lines

        Useful contacts

        Police (emergency) – 999

        24 hour domestic violence helpline – 0808 200 0247

        Finding a solicitor

        Legal advice and support

        Law Centres Network – 020 7749 9120 –

        Law Works Clinic Network –

        Personal Support Unit – 020 7947 7701 –

        Disability Law Service – 020 7791 9800 –

        Tell us what you think of our legal information here

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Show-not tell creative writing exercises

18 “Show Don’t Tell” Examples: How to Turn Bland Writing Into a Colorful Story

T hese examples of “Show Don’t Tell” will inspire you to tell better stories by directing a mental movie in your readers’ minds.

This article includes:

Show, Don’t Tell

Helen frowns while reading her draft story.

She purses her lips, and wonders, Why does the story feel flat? Why does it seem to drag on? Where has the drama gone? Is it too long?

Okay, she thinks. Time to cut down my story.

She removes a few sentences here, scraps a whole paragraph there, shortens another sentence. After crossing out words for over 20 minutes, she’s reduced her word count almost by half. Phew. With a sigh of relief, she treats herself to Jasmine tea with carrot cake.

But, hey, what happened to her story?

It seems even worse than before.

Sometimes stories are too short rather than too long

When a writer hasn’t painted vivid imagery, readers can’t picture what’s happening. That’s when a story feels flat. Devoid of drama. Dull.

To let readers experience your story, show rather than tell:

  • Telling means giving a brief, factual statement.
  • Showing means using sensory details and describing actions to direct a mental movie in your reader’s mind.

Showing is: She yawned.

Telling is: She is hungry.

Showing is: Her stomach rumbles.

And the best way to learn the difference between showing and telling?

Firstly, study how authors use this technique in their writing. Start with the examples below. And secondly, practice.

Show, Don’t Tell Exercise

You can use the 18 examples below for practice:

  • Review the “to tell” statements and consider how you can prove these statements (such as he’s nervous, she’s lonely). How can you see or hear that someone is nervous or lonely? Which actions demonstrate it?
  • Write down two or three actions or sensory details that show rather than tell.
  • Compare your notes to the “to show” examples.

Show Don’t Tell Examples: How to show emotions

To demonstrate someone’s emotions, think about what somebody does when they feel angry, hungover, or happy.

How can you see their anger in their movements? What does an angry face look like? What are they muttering or screaming? What would they say when thinking aloud?

Example #1: He’s nervous about his job interview

In his book Behold the Dreamers, Imbolo Mbue shows Jende is nervous:

Try as he might, he could do nothing but think about the questions he might be asked, the answers he would need to give, the way he would have to walk and talk and sit, the times he would need to speak or listen and nod, the things he would have to say or not say, the response he would need to give if asked about his legal status in the country.

His throat went dry. His palms moistened. Unable to reach for his handkerchief in the packed downtown subway, he wiped both palms on his pants.

Can you hear the internal monologue droning on in Jende’s mind?

After the monologue comes a tactile description of his throat going dry and his palms moistening, and then you can picture Jende wiping his palms on his pants. Vivid?

Example #2: She was angry

From Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep:

She slammed her glass down so hard that it slopped over on an ivory cushion. She swung her legs to the floor and stood up with her eyes sparking fire and her nostrils wide. Her mouth was open and her bright teeth glared at me. Her knuckles were white.

Have you notice the strong verbs in this example? Verbs like to slam, to slop over, to swing, to spark and to glare inject power into the writing.

Example #3: Cheryl has started the Pacific Crest Trail but she fears she can’t do this

In her book Wild: A Journey from Lost to Found, Cheryl Strayed shows her fear as follows:

Within forty minutes, the voice inside my head was screaming, What have I gotten myself into? I tried to ignore it, to hum as I hiked, though humming proved too difficult to do while also panting and moaning in agony and trying to remain hunched in that remotely upright position while also propelling myself forward when I felt like a building with legs.

So then I tried to simply concentrate on what I heard—my feet thudding against the dry and rocky trail, the brittle leaves and branches of the low-lying bushes I passed clattering in the hot wind—but it could not be done.

The clamor of What have I gotten myself into? was a mighty shout. It could not be drowned out. The only possible distraction was my vigilant search for rattlesnakes. I expected one around every bend, ready to strike. The landscape was made for them, it seemed. And also for mountain lions and wilderness-savvy serial killers.

Note how many sensory words are used in the above paragraph, like screaming, humming, panting, thudding, clattering, clamor, drowning out. As a reader, you can almost hear Cheryl’s fight with her fears.

Emotions like fear, nervousness, anger, and happiness remain abstract unless we show readers how such emotions manifest themselves in body language, dialogues, or actions.

Instead of telling readers you’re happy, can readers see you’re grinning from ear to ear?

Show Don’t Tell Examples: How to show feelings

Emotions are expressed through physical reactions—we can see someone’s emotions in their body language.

Feelings can be expressed physically, too, but they can also be internal perceptions of our mental state. This can make it harder to show rather than tell.

To show feelings, consider someone’s inner thoughts and think about a person’s environment or activities that may accentuate or symbolize their feelings.

Example #4: Kate feels lonely, despite sharing a house with four other people

In her book The Lido, Libby Page demonstrates Kate’s loneliness as follows:

Kate lives in a house-share with four other people – two students and two who do something but she’s not quite sure what. They come in at different times and shut their bedroom doors, occasionally passing on the way to the (one) bathroom.

They are people that she has heard grunting in the heat of sex (thin walls) and whose pubic hairs she has untangled from the shower plug, but she doesn’t know where they all came from before arriving here in this house, or what their favourite films are. She doesn’t really know them at all. And they certainly don’t know her. But what is there to know really?

Can you feel Kate’s loneliness, symbolized by the lack of interaction?

Example #5: She feels trapped in her hometown

In The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, one of the protagonists explains why she feels trapped by her hometown’s smallness:

She’d trampled the same dirt roads her entire life; she’d carved her initials on the bottom of school desks that her mother had once used, and that her children would someday, feeling her jagged scratching with their fingers.

The initials on the bottom of school desks—carved by 3 generations of one family—symbolize the feeling of being trapped in the eternal monotony of small-town life. When will things ever change?

Show Don’t Tell Examples: How to show a person’s passion

You know I’m passionate about writing, don’t you?

But have I ever told you that?

Nope, I show my passion by sharing my best writing tips and tricks so you can tell better stories and share your ideas with gusto.

What are you passionate about? And which actions can prove your passion?

Get inspired by the 6 examples below …

Example #6: Frank, a music shop owner, is passionate about sharing music with people, even strangers

In her book The Music Shop, Rachel Joyce demonstrates Frank’s passion as follows:

‘We had another shoplifter today,’ [Frank] said, apropos of not very much at all. ‘First he flipped because we had no CDs. Then he asked to look at a record and made a run for it.’

‘What was it this time?’

‘Genesis. Invisible Touch.’

‘What did you do, Frank?’

(…) Frank had done the sort of thing he always did. He’d grabbed his old suede jacket and loped after the young man until he caught him at the bus stop. (What kind of thief waited for the number 11?)

He’d said, between deep breaths, that he would call the police unless the lad came back and tried something new in the listening booth. He could keep the Genesis record if he wanted the thing so much, though it broke Frank’s heart that he was nicking the wrong one – their early stuff was tons better.

He could have the album for nothing, and even the sleeve; ‘so long as you try “Fingal’s Cave”. If you like Genesis, trust me. You’ll love Mendelssohn.’

Isn’t it amazing how such a short story can characterize one person? It feels like you know Frank a little already.

Example #7: Young Araki loves dictionaries

In her book The Great Passage, Shion Miura describes Araki’s love for dictionaries as follows:

Araki began saving up his allowance for trips to the used bookstore. When a new edition of a dictionary came out, a copy of the earlier edition could usually be purchased on the cheap.

Little by little he collected a variety of dictionaries from different publishers and compared them. Some were tattered and worn. Others had annotations and underlining in red. Old dictionaries bore signs of the linguistic struggles of compiler and user alike.

Can you picture the dictionaries in Araki’s room?

Example #8: Sportcoat is a nature-lover

In his book Deacon King Kong, James McBride describes the protagonist as a nature-lover:

He was friends with anything that grew: tomatoes, herbs, butter beans, dandelions, beggar’s-lice, wild spur, bracken, wild geranium. There was not a plant that he could not coax out of its hiding place, nor a seed he could not force to the sun, nor an animal he could not summon or sic into action with an easy smile and affable strong hands.

I like how this paragraph expresses that enjoyment of nature is not a passive state but an active act—of summoning an animal into action and of coaxing plants grow and seeds to sprout.

Example #9: Robin Wall Kimmerer loves plants

While the ways to tell something are relatively limited, myriad ways exist to show something.

For instance, here’s how Robin Wall Kimmerer describes she’s a born botanist in her book Braiding Sweetgrass:

(…) how could I tell him that I was born a botanist, that I had shoeboxes of seeds and piles of pressed leaves under my bed, that I’d stop my bike along the road to identify a new species, that plants colored my dreams, that the plants had chosen me?

I love how those last words describe that botany is her calling: “The plants had chosen me.”

Example #10: Lars is passionate about good food

In his book Kitchens of the Great Midwest, J. Ryan Stradal demonstrates a passion for food as follows:

In the same fashion that a musical parent may curate their child’s exposure to certain songs, Lars had spent weeks plotting a menu for his baby daughter’s first months:

Week One NO TEETH, SO:

1. Homemade guacamole.
2. Puréed prunes (do infants like prunes?)
3. Puréed carrots (Sugarsnax 54, ideally, but more likely Autumn King).
4. Puréed beets (Lutz green leaf).
5. Homemade Honeycrisp applesauce (get apples from Dennis Wu).
6. Hummus (from canned chickpeas? Maybe wait for week 2.)
7. Olive tapenade (maybe with puréed Cerignola olives? Ask Sherry Dubcek about the best kind of olives for a newborn.)
8. What for protein and iron?

Can you picture Lars writing down the menu, while licking his lips?

And, thinking about your own passions, which actions describe them best?

Example #11: Chris doesn’t like going to the gym

Of course, just like you show what a person loves doing, you can also show their dislikes.

In his book The Man Who Died Twice, Richard Osman shows that Chris doesn’t like going to the gym:

Of all the machines at the gym, the bike suits him best. For a start you’re sitting down, and you can look at your phone while you’re using it. You can take things at your own pace – sedate in Chris’s case – but you can also speed up to look more impressive any time a muscled man in a singlet or a muscled woman in Lycra walks by.

And Chris comments on the exercise bike:

The heart-rate monitor was terrifying; Chris had seen numbers that surely couldn’t be right. The calorie counter was worst of all. Six miles of cycling to burn off a hundred calories? Six miles? For half a Twix? It didn’t bear thinking about.

Isn’t it amazing how just a few sentences give such a good impression of someone’s dislike of exercise?

Show Don’t Tell Examples: Turn weak action into a movie-like description

Don’t be fooled into thinking that action is always telling rather than showing.

Some action is so vague a reader can’t really imagine what’s happening.

As a writer it’s your task to help readers experience your story. So, give them enough vivid details to let a movie play in their mind.

Example #12: Moody shows Pearl the town

In her book Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng paints a vivid image of the town tour:

They went to Fernway, his old elementary school, where they clambered up the slide and shimmied up the pole and tumbled from the catwalk to the wood chips below. He took Pearl to Draeger’s for hot fudge sundaes.

At Horseshoe Lake, they climbed trees like children, throwing stale chunks of bread to the ducks bobbing below.

In Yours Truly, the local diner, they sat in a high-backed wooden booth and ate fries smothered in cheese and bacon and fed quarters into the jukebox to play “Great Balls of Fire” and “Hey Jude.”

Much more vivid than an abstract tour of the town, right?

Example #13: Jack Reacher fires his Barrett

In the thriller Die Trying, Lee Child slows down the action to heighten the drama:

First thing out of the barrel of Reacher’s Barrett was a blast of hot gas. The powder in the cartridge exploded in a fraction of a millionth of a second and expanded to a superheated bubble.

That bubble of gas hurled the bullet down the barrel and forced ahead of it and around it to explode out into the atmosphere. Most of it was smashed sideways by the muzzle brake in a perfectly balanced radial pattern, like a donut, so that the recoil moved the barrel straight back against Reacher’s shoulder without deflecting it either sideways or up or down.

Meanwhile, behind it, the bullet was starting to spin inside the barrel as the rifling grooves grabbed at it.

Then the gas ahead of the bullet was heating the oxygen in the air to the point where the air caught fire. There was a brief flash of flame and the bullet burst out through the exact center of it, spearing through the burned air at nineteen hundred miles an hour.

A thousandth of a second later, it was a yard away, followed by a cone of gunpowder particles and a puff of soot. Another thousandth of a second later, it was six feet away, and its sound was bravely chasing after it, three times slower.

That’s 225 words to describe less than one-hundredth of a second.

Lee Child is a master in pacing his stories. He keeps us reading for pages and pages before he at last reveals whether the bullet hits someone or not.

Remember, slow down the action to heighten the drama.

Example #14: Harold and his brother Raymond didn’t know what to say to Maggie

Even when nothing seems to happen, you can still paint a vivid picture as Kent Haruf does in Plainsong:

They were dumbfounded. They looked at her, regarding her as if she might be dangerous. Then they peered into the palms of their thick callused hands spread out before them on the kitchen table and lastly they looked out the window toward the leafless and stunted elm trees.

Can you imagine how you’d film this scene?

“Show don’t tell” works for objects and environments, too

A landscape is not a still life painting; you can detect subtle movements such as grass waving or with powerful activities like trees creaking in a storm.

Example #15: The ice surface is a chaos of crushing movement

In his book Endurance, Alfred Lansing describes the astonishing story of Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to cross Antarctica.

Here’s when their ship finds herself in a dangerous situation:

The whole surface of the ice was a chaos of movement. It looked like an enormous jigsaw puzzle, the pieces stretching away to infinity and being shoved and crunched together by some invisible but irresistible force. The impression of its titanic power was heightened by the unhurried deliberateness of the motion. Wherever two thick floes came together, their edges butted and ground against one another for a time. Then, when neither of them showed signs of yielding, they rose, slowly and often quiveringly, driven by the implacable power behind them. Sometimes they would stop abruptly as the unseen force affecting the ice appeared mysteriously to lose interest. More frequently, though, the two floes—often 10 feet thick or more—would continue to rise, tenting up, until one or both of them broke and toppled over, creating a pressure ridge.

Can you picture the scene? Does it make you feel scared, too?

Example #16: The ship is crushed by the ice

Here’s how Lansing describes what happens to the ship:

She was being crushed. Not all at once, but slowly, a little at a time. The pressure of ten million tons of ice was driving in against her sides. And dying as she was, she cried in agony. Her frames and planking, her immense timbers, many of them almost a foot thick, screamed as the killing pressure mounted. And when her timbers could no longer stand the strain, they broke with a report like artillery fire.

Lansing describes the ship as if she is a person screaming, dying, and crying out in agony. This is called personification, and it adds an extra dimension to the principle of showing.

Showing places readers directly into a scene, so they can experience what’s happening to a story’s character, even if that character is a ship.

Example #17: The porch was cluttered

Describing a room, a porch, or a garden can show us a lot about the person living there, too.

This is from Anne Tyler’s Redhead by the Side of the Road:

Micah had to swerve around a skateboard and a sippy cup on his way up the front steps, and the porch was strewn not only with the standard strollers and tricycles but also with a pair of snow boots from last winter, a paper bag full of coat hangers, and what appeared to be somebody’s breakfast plate bearing a wrung-out half of a grapefruit.

Reading that description is like watching a movie, right?

Example #18: Everything is in the right place

And here’s an opposite description of a neat person, also from Anne Tyler’s Redhead by the Side of the Road:

His sock drawer looked like a box of bonbons, each pair rolled and standing on end according to his instructions. Newspaper read in the proper sequence, first section first and second section next, folded back knife-sharp when he was done. Lord forbid someone should fiddle with the paper before him! He was a sign painter by profession, and all of his paints and his India inks were lined up by color in alphabetical order. The Bs I remember especially, because there were so many of them. Beige, black, blue, brown …

The 3 examples of neatness in the paragraph above sketch a persuasive image of how neat this person is. I love the simile at the start: “His sock drawer looked like a box of bonbons.”

How to show AND tell

The general advice is that we must show and not tell.

But that’s not always true.

Sometimes, it’s quicker to tell. So, you tell instead of showing to keep the pace of the story.

At other times you may want to both tell and show, so readers are clear how to interpret your story.

For instance, here’s an example of “tell and show” from Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner:

I remember these things clearly because that was how my mother loved you, not through white lies and constant verbal affirmation, but in subtle observations of what brought you joy, pocketed away to make you feel comforted and cared for without even realizing it. She remembered if you liked your stews with extra broth, if you were sensitive to spice, if you hated tomatoes, if you didn’t eat seafood, if you had a large appetite. She remembered which banchan side dish you emptied first so the next time you were over it’d be set with a heaping double portion, served alongside the various other preferences that made you, you.

Zauner first tells, suggesting that her mother showed her love by paying attention and making you feel comforted and cared for. Then she shows with the examples how her mother did that by paying attention to what you liked, and giving a bigger portion the next time.

And here’s an example from The Electricity of Every Living Thing by Katherine May:

What I hadn’t considered, though, was just how miserable the combination of walking fifteen boring miles and battling through oncoming rain would be. You can see absolutely nothing, because your head is angled relentlessly down. Your glasses steam up, but there’s no point in wiping them. Your neck begins to ache. Progress is surprisingly slow.

The first sentence above tells us that it’s miserable to walk in the rain. The next sentences show why that’s the case: That you can see absolutely nothing, that your glasses steam up, that your neck aches, and that progress is slow.

In just a few sentences, May first tells us and then shows us why walking in the rain makes her miserable.

When to show and when to tell

Telling is brief and factual.

Showing, in contrast, uses more words to direct a mental movie in your readers’ minds.

  • Add sensory details to make the story more vivid—this is how you allow readers to experience your story.
  • Slow down to describe action in more detail—this is how you increase the drama in your writing.

When you show rather than tell, your reader becomes an active participant in your story.

So, race through the less important parts of your story.

And dramatize the key parts, with detailed and vivid descriptions.

Now, imagine your favorite reader …

She’s sitting at her desk, sipping a cup of coffee.

She switches on her laptop, wipes the sleep from her right eye, and briefly massages her temples. Then she opens your email and clicks to read your blog post.

A lightbulb goes off in her mind and she whizzes off a quick email to thank you. She’s excited to implement your advice.

Show Don’t Tell: How to Show Not Tell in Writing With Exercises

Learning how to show don’t tell in writing is one of the most difficult—and important—parts of writing when you first start.

It’s what will give readers the coveted emotional attachment that forges true, long-lasting fans (and customers!).

Part of writing and publishing a book successfully is ensuring you have the highest quality writing, and this rule of show don’t tell is crucial for that.

When you start writing a book, it’s as if everyone around you becomes the expert. They tell you to show don’t tell, start with action, or even embellish your stories to sound “better.”

But how do you know what advice to take…and what do those writing tips even mean in the first place?

We’re here to help you understand showing versus telling and how that will actually help you write better and stronger.

It’s safe to say that the idea of showing not telling is one all writers should pay close attention to.

Show don’t tell in writing is a piece of advice that’s been around for longer than you might realize. Even if it didn’t have a phrase attached to it yet, the best authors out there have been using it for the duration of their careers (and even before, most likely).

Here’s how to show don’t tell in writing:

In fact, it’s why they’re known as the best writers of all time.

But although these writers knew how to bring their writing to life instinctually, not all of us are so lucky. We have to learn the process of show don’t tell, which can be tricky if you don’t know where to start.

Want to know which author you’re most like? Take the quiz and learn more about yourself and your writing style!

What does show don’t tell mean?

Show don’t tell describes writing in various forms with an emphasis on using and showing actions in order to convey the emotions you want readers to interpret, which creates a better experience for readers, instead of writing exposition to tell what happened.

By showing the actions and relationships and feelings instead of just telling the reader what happened, the writing comes off deeper, and more meaningful. This creates a much deeper connection and brings readers closer to you (or the main character).

At a first glance, this writing rule could be confused for the best day in Kindergarten when you bring your pet lizard in to show the class.

But in actuality, show don’t tell refers to the way in which you describe the experience you (or your character) went through.

And that makes them feel deeper and stronger about the story. It creates empathy and invests the reader – which is exactly what you need.

Writing your book introduction with an abundance of showing not telling is a powerful way to draw readers in for the duration of your entire book.

But this technique is much easier shown than told (hehe – see what I did there?).

[Pssst! Want to see some of our Students’ published books? Check out the SPS Library here!]

Show Don’t Tell Examples:

These examples are pretty basic but that’s the best way to gain an understanding of what this looks like. Keep in mind that your sentences may be more complex than these examples, but still full of “tell” words or phrases.

Be on the lookout for the details.

Show Don’t Tell Example #1:

Tell: “I heard footsteps creeping behind me and it made the whole situation scarier.”

Show: “Crunching hit my ears from behind, accelerating the already rampant pounding of my heart.”

Why this showing example is better:

In an instance such as this, you want the reader to feel what you did: the surprise and the sense of urgency, the fear.

Describing the crunching that hit your ears even through the pounding of your heart not only creates a powerful visual, but it also tells the reader the state your body was in during that intense moment. The first example is weak and does little to explain how you actually felt in that moment.

Show Don’t Tell Example #2:

Tell: “She was my best friend. I could tell her almost anything.”

Show: I met her at the town square, running in for our usual hug that carried on for far too long as we gushed about our lives with smiles lighting our faces.”

Why this showing example is better:

The first example of telling is shorter, but it doesn’t do a great job of really showing the impact you have on each other. Anyone can think of “best friend” and form an overall thought about what that looks like. But this isn’t just “anyone.” This is your best friend. Showing your relationship with one another is vital to forging that deeper connection.

Why should you show don’t tell in writing?

The entire point of showing versus telling in writing is to make a stronger emotional connection with your readers and hook them.

They already picked up your book for the killer title and eye-grabbing cover, but they need a reason to stay.

The idea behind this writing technique is to put the reader in your shoes. Make them feel, hear, and sense the situation as you did.

It’s about creating an experience for the reader instead of just a recount of events.

Doing this makes the reader want to root for you. They want to hear your whole story and in turn, they’ll read your whole book.

Why is showing not telling also important for non-fiction?

If you write fiction, you hear this advice all the time. However, all of you non-fiction writers out there, this piece of writing advice might be new to you.

Show don’t tell isn’t always the first thing a non-fiction writer thinks of when it comes to adding more intrigue to your story.

But it is the most vital for pulling your reader in and not only hooking them, but keeping them with you throughout the duration of your book.

Many fiction writers hear this writing advice often because it’s one of the best ways to make real people feel deeply for fictional characters.

When it comes to writing a story about your life and something you went through, the idea is the same. By showing and not telling, you’ll be able to guide them through your real-life situation as an experience and not just some book they’re reading while the kids are yelling at their video games and the oven alarm is blaring in the distance.

If you can show don’t tell the right way, the reader won’t even notice those distractions.

How to Show Don’t Tell in Writing

So now you know what it is and why it’s important, but how the heck do you actually do it? The process of taking a single story and crafting it to create more emotion can be difficult.

Thankfully, we have some of the best tips for showing not telling in writing.

#1 – Get rid of all basic sensory words

Phrases like, “I heard,” “I felt,” and “I smelled,” are all very weak. These are “telling” words and phrases (also commonly referred to as “filters”) that force the reader further away from you and your experience.

That’s exactly what you want to avoid.

Instead, you need to pull them into your world and into your psyche the very moment you were encountering the situation.

This is done by using strong verbs and other visual language.

Show Don’t Tell Exercise #1:

Step 1: Read through your writing and circle every telling word you can find. Anything that explains one of the 5 senses.

Step 2: Then write down specifics for each. If you heard someone creeping up behind you, how did you hear it? Was it crunching on gravel? Was it the shuffling of shoes against carpet?

Once you have these, rewrite those sections by explaining how the senses manifested to you and not just what you sensed (detailed below in the next writing exercise).

#2 – Don’t use “emotion explaining” words

This might be a bit tricky and you certainly don’t have to follow this one 100% of the time, but if you can get this right, it’ll make showing versus telling so much easier to grasp.

Think of any word to describe an emotion. I’ll help you out a little:

I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

These are all great words to describe how someone felt. However, they’re also very weak, unexciting ways to do so.

If you need your readers to understand how excited you were at any given time, show them. Don’t just tell them, “I was so excited!”

Show them the sweat beading your forehead as you raced to your destination. Show them the lifting of your cheeks as your lips parted way for an uncontrollable smile.

Show Don’t Tell Exercise #2:

Skim through your writing and circle every word that’s an emotion.

Then, for every emotion-explaining word you find, write down physical reactions of feeling that way.

Once you have a small list for each circled word, use it to craft a couple of sentences to describe (and show!) just what that looked like.

You can see the difference alone between these two paragraphs. By replacing all of the “telling” words and phrases, it develops into an experience for the reader and not just a retelling of what happened.

#3 – Describe body language

One of the best ways you can show not tell in writing is to use strong descriptive language when it comes to body language.

A person’s actions are really a gateway to their mind and how they feel.

You can tell if another person has a crush on someone just by paying attention to the way their body adjusts when in that person’s presence, right?

Showing versus telling in writing is exactly that. You want to show the reader what is happening and allow them to form a conclusion about how you or others in your story felt based on what they look like.

In all honesty, a lot of this one is about having faith that your audience can put two and two together.

Oftentimes, we tend to over-explain in an effort to make something obvious when really, the emotion is in the guesswork; it’s in allowing someone to draw their own conclusions. That over-explaining is what comes across as “telly” and not as emotionally compelling.

And honestly? It’s also pretty boring and flat.

If you do a great job of showing what you want readers to see, they’ll understand how someone feels – and they’ll even feel that way themselves.

That’s the power of showing not telling.

#4 – Use strong verbs

Showing itself can be extremely impactful, but using strong language and verbs in specific situations is even more powerful for adding depth to your story.

The way you make someone else actually feel how you did as you were going through the experience is to make sure the words you’re using directly reflect the emotions .

This can be a difficult task for those who aren’t sure what “strong language” looks likes, but I’ll make it easier for you.

Show Don’t Tell Exercise #3:

Think of a situation you want to explain in your book (or maybe something you already have written out).

Now imagine what feeling you want to convey through that scene. What do you want your readers to take away from that specific moment in your story? List those emotions so you can see all of them.

Take that list and start writing ways in which you can bring those emotions to life. What do those things mean for you? How would these emotions manifest during that specific time?

Now take those stronger verbs and words that depict a deeper emotion and craft your sentence or paragraph with those to reflect how you truly felt.

How does this sentence make you feel? Do you feel comfort, relaxation, and a sense that I love being there?

That was the purpose.

It’s about taking one specific idea or vibe or feeling and using what you know to transform it into something that’s showing not telling.

This specific example for show don’t tell can be a little time-consuming at first, but you will get the hang of it and these methods will soon become second nature to you.

#5 – Focus on describing senses

We told you to cut sensing words in tip #1, and that’s true, but with this comes the fact that you still have to describe what your character is feeling and sensing.

Showing versus telling is largely about allowing your readers to interpret what your characters are going through without just telling them.

This often means using all the senses you can to depict a scene.

Instead of saying, “She hated it there.” you can use her senses to show the readers that emotion.

For example: writing with showing like this “The faint scent of stale cigarette smoke met her nostrils, pulling her face into a familiar grimace.” allows your readers to understand that she finds where she is distasteful, without having to just say so.

#6 – Practice showing not telling every day

To master the tip of show don’t tell in writing, it takes time and practice to get it right. There’s a fine line of using showing versus telling in your writing.

With regular practice (by writing every day, we suggest), you’ll learn when to use telling and when to use showing in order to give the reader the best reading experience they have.

You can even practice by reading other books and your own writing. Recognizing areas of showing can help you do it more in your own works.

Writing Prompt: A Show, Don’t Tell Game

A few minutes ago I searched online, “Show, Don’t Tell.” In point sixty-six seconds, there were six hundred and seventy-five million answers to my search. Clearly, writers want to learn how to show and not tell!

But that number’s overwhelming. Sure, you can read lots of articles. But how can you actually get better at showing?

Here’s how: today, we’re playing a Show, Don’t Tell Game to practice.

Why Show and Not Tell

In grade school, your teacher had Show and Tell. You brought your stuffed Teddy Bear to class to show your class the bear, and you told them how your Teddy Bear came alive at night and fought the monsters under your bed.

If you wrote a story about the Teddy Bear fighting the monsters under your bed, you could say, “I was scared,” or you could show your fear. Did you hide under the covers? Did you wet the bed? Did you jump into bed quickly so the monsters didn’t have enough time to grab your legs?

“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

Show, don’t tell, to bring your reader into the story. Let them see the glint of light on broken glass, walk beside the protagonist, and live inside of the pages of your story.

Let the reader decide if your protagonist is scared. Don’t tell us, “She was scared.” Show us.

How to Show and Not Tell

Telling is stating information, and sometimes you will tell in a story. You might want to tell us your protagonist is a carpenter.

On the other hand, you could show she is a carpenter by describing her using her dual-bevel, sliding, compound miter saw.

You can show by using your five senses. What does it smell like, feel like? What does your protagonist hear?

If you’re still not sure you know how to show, check out these other great resources on The Write Practice. In The Secret to Show, Don’t Tell, Joe Bunting explains how to be more specific in your writing.

And in Use This Tip To Test If You’re Showing or Telling, Monica M. Clark shares an awesome strategy for recognizing your own tendencies towards telling: as you revise your manuscript, highlight adjectives and feelings. These words reveal when you’re telling, and you might be amazed at how little you’re showing in comparison.

Understanding the theory of “show, don’t tell” is only half the battle, though. Now, let’s play a game to practice!

Writing Prompt Show and Tell Game

I’ve made a list of possible emotions to use as writing prompts. Choose one — or think of your own! — and write for 15 minutes in the comments section. Then the readers will guess what you are trying to show in your writing.

Writing Prompts

Think of any adjective or feeling and see if we can guess what you are trying to show.

Show sadness. Writing “she was sad” would tell me what she was feeling. Instead, show me what sad looks like. Is sad staying in bed and not getting dressed? Missing work? Not taking a shower and eating only potato chips?

Show anger. Tell: He was angry. How can you show anger instead? Is anger throwing pots? (It is for me. I am a pot thrower.) Or is anger not talking?

Show fear. Tell: She was scared. Instead of writing that, how would you show fear?

Show surprise. Tell: She was surprised. Instead, how can you show surprise?

Have you ever felt like you were sucked into the pages of a story because the writing brought you in by showing? Please l et us know in the comments.


Choose one of the prompts above or think of your own emotion or adjective. Take fifteen minutes to write a piece that shows us that feeling, then post it in the comments.

Please be kind and comment on someone else’s writing. What do you think they were trying to show?

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We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive environment that encourages artistic experimentation and community building. We’re extremely proud of the national and international literary achievements of our many graduates, as well as their generous contributions to the greater creative community.

We offer a 2-year course of resident study or a 2-5 year course of study by distance education, both leading to a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. We also offer a BFA and undergraduate minor degree in Creative Writing.

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The Creative Writing Program of the Department of Theatre, Film, and Creative Writing offers a program of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (double Major) and Fine Arts (single Major). Instruction is based on the premise that promising student-authors can benefit from judicious criticism and the chance to develop their abilities in an academic setting. Workshops, conferences, and tutorials are designed to focus attention on the student’s own work. Reading assignments may be made in the department’s magazine of current writing, Prism International, and other relevant journals and books. There are no examinations, and grades are based on the writing done and on participation in workshops throughout the year. Course offerings include workshops and tutorials in Children’s Literature, Radio Plays, Nonfiction Prose, Lyric and Libretto, Screen and TV Plays, Stage Plays, Novel or Novella, Short Story, Poetry, and Translation.

Each course is restricted to 15 students. Applicants wishing to enter freshman/sophomore classes will be admitted if their submission of 20-25 pages of recent original fiction, imaginative nonfiction, drama, or poetry, or a combination of these, is judged acceptable by the Program. Students wishing to pursue a major in Creative Writing should apply at the end of their second year of study by submitting to the department a written request accompanied by a 30-page manuscript.

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Workshops are designed to focus attention on the student’s own work in advanced studies in the writing of poetry, fiction, drama (stage, screen, television, radio), creative non-fiction, translation, lyric and libretto, graphic novel and writing for children and young adults. MFA degrees are offered in Creative Writing (including a concentration in translation), in Creative Writing-Theatre for playwrights, and Creative Writing-Film for screenwriters. The last two joint degree programs require acceptance by the Theatre and Film programs respectively.

All candidates are selected on the basis of their submitted portfolio of original writing. Scholarship funding and Teaching Assistantships are available. Please see our website for guidelines.

Type of Program: Studio
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As with the on-campus MFA, the Optional-Residency MFA is largely a studio program. Although students generally specialize in one area, they are required to write in three separate genres during the course of their degree; to produce regular, substantial quantities of work, and to maintain continuing interaction with the staff.

Workshops are designed to focus attention on the student’s own work and the process of peer critique and discussion.

Thirty-six credits of work, including a creative thesis, are required for the MFA. The MFA degree awarded on completion is identical to the degree granted to on-campus students.

All candidates are selected on the basis of work submitted. Scholarship funding and Teaching Assistantships are available. Please see our website for guidelines.

Type of Program: Low-Residency Program
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Duration of Study: 5 years
Unit of Measure: Credits
Workshop: 24
Other: 6
Thesis: 6
Total Units for Degree: 36
Other Requirements: Minimum of two years of intensive writing in workshops/tutorials within department; three-genre requirement.
Application Deadline Spring: 01/10/2020
Application Requirements: Transcripts, Writing Sample, Application Form, Letters of Recommendation, Cover Letter, Other

Maureen Medved

Maureen Medved’s novel The Tracey Fragments was published by House of Anansi Press. Over the years, Maureen’s writing as well as adaptations of her work have been published in literary journals, magazines and produced for stage and screen. Maureen’s screen adaptation of T, opened the Panorama program of the 57th annual Berlin International Film Festival and won the Manfred Salzgeber Prize, selected by jury for a film “that broadens the boundaries of cinema today.” The film has gone on to feature at a number of international film festivals, screened at MOMA and has also garnered other nominations and awards, including a Genie Award nomination for Adapted Screenplay.

In 2008 a French language version of her book won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Translation, awarded to C& L Chabalier. She also designed a course in writing for new media for the Creative Writing Program, and, as part of her research, currently explores creative writing opportunities in new media. In 2009, she received the Artistic Achievement Award from Women in Film and Television (Vancouver). She is a film reviewer and an Associate Professor in the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia. Maureen is currently completing her second novel as well as other projects for film.

Linda Svendsen

Fiction: Sussex Drive, a novel, was published by Random House Canada in 2012 and was a nominee for the CBC Bookies-Ron MacLean Award for Most Hilarious/Witty book. It’s a political satire based in Ottawa. Linda’s story collection, Marine Life, was published in Canada (HarperCollinsCanada), the U.S. (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), and Germany (Residenz Verlag). Her stories have appeared in Seventeen, The Atlantic, Saturday Night, Prairie Schooner, Epoch, Fiddlehead, O. Henry Prize Stories, Best Canadian Stories and other anthologies such as The Oxford Book of Stories by Canadian Women in English and The New Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories, edited by Margaret Atwood and Robert Weaver, and I Know Some Things: Stories About Childhood by Contemporary Writers, edited by Lorrie Moore. Marine Life was nominated for the LA Times First Book Award and made into a feature film. Linda graduated with her MFA from Columbia University and held the Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford and the Bunting Fellowship at Radcliffe. A story from Marine Life is forthcoming in The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, 8th Edition.

Linda co-produced and co-wrote Human Cargo, CBC’s six-hour dramatic limited series about the impact of war and globalization upon refugees, which shot in Vancouver and South Africa. The series garnered the 2004 Peabody Award, the Robert Wagner Narrative Screenwriting Award from the Columbus International Film and Television Festival, seven Geminis and was invited to the Rencontres Internationales de Television in Rheims, France and sold to 82 countries. Other long-form writing credits include Murder Unveiled (with Brian McKeown), At The End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story, and The Diviners, adapted from the Margaret Laurence novel. She has written episodic for Airwaves and These Arms of Mine. In 2006, she received the John Simon Guggenheim Award.

Keith Maillard

Keith Maillard is the author of thirteen novels. Light in the Company of Women was a runner-up for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize; Motet won that prize. Hazard Zones was short-listed for the Commonwealth Literary Prize and Gloria short-listed for the Governor General’s Award. The Clarinet Polka was awarded the Creative Arts Prize by the Polish American Historical Association. Maillard has been honoured by the West Virginia Library Association and by his hometown of Wheeling, West Virginia, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

He has published numerous articles, essays, and critical studies in journals ranging from Contemporary Literary Criticism to Flare. His poetry collection, Dementia Americana, won the Gerald Lampert Award for the best first book of poetry published in Canada. His most recent poetry may be found in The Best of Canadian Poetry in English, 2008 (Tightrope Books). He has worked extensively in radio, first at WBUR in Boston and then as a freelancer for the CBC, contributing to This Country in the Morning, Five Nights, Our Native Land, and Ideas.

Maillard is currently completing the first draft of a new novel, Twin Studies. He is also creating a series of sound-based podcasts which may be heard on his website.

Bryan Wade

Bryan Wade has had numerous productions of his stage plays in various theatres across the country. Some of these include: Factory Theatre Lab (Toronto), Toronto Free Theatre, Tarragon Theatre (Toronto), the Blyth Festival, Playwrights Workshop (Montreal), Quinzaine Internationale du Theatre Festival (Quebec City), Theatre Calgary and Vancouver’s New Play Centre. He has also been Playwright-in-Residence at Factory Theatre and the Blyth Festival along with being an invited artist at the Playwrights Colony at the Banff School of Fine Arts and the Stratford Festival. His latest play, an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s The Lady From the Sea, was produced last year by Theatre UBC here in Vancouver.

Some of the radio drama series he has written for include: Nightfall, Morningside, Vanishing Point, Stereo Theatre and Sunday Showcase, and have been broadcast nationally across Canada and internationally in Australia. Several of his plays have been published by Playwrights Press, including an anthology of five plays called Blitzkrieg and Other Plays.

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee lived her early years in England before immigrating to Canada. She received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. She has taught at the Simon Fraser University Writing and Publishing Program, and is the former Associate Director of the Booming Ground Writers Community.

Lee’s first book of fiction, Dead Girls, was named Book of the Year by NOW Magazine, and was a finalist for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize and the Danuta Gleed Literary Award. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies, as well as in the 2001 Toronto Life Summer Fiction issue. She was one of seven writers selected by Margaret Atwood for a special CBC Radio feature on new writers to watch, and a jury member for the CBC’s “Canada Reads” program for 2003. She is the recipient of many grants, fellowships, and writing awards, including the Gabriel Award for Radio.

Her first novel, The Age, was published by McClelland & Stewart in 2014. It has also been published in France and the Netherlands.

Annabel Lyon

Annabel Lyon published her first book, Oxygen, a collection of stories, in 2000. The Best Thing for You, a collection of three novellas, followed in 2004 and was nominated for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize. She has written two books for children, All Season Edie (2009) and Encore Edie (2010).

Her first novel, The Golden Mean, was published in 2009 to great acclaim. It held the distinction of being the only book nominated that year for all three of Canada’s major fiction prizes: the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Governor General’s Award and the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize. Of the three, she won the Rogers Prize. The book has been translated into multiple languages.

Her second novel, The Sweet Girl, a sequel to The Golden Mean, was published in fall, 2012.

Timothy Taylor

Timothy Taylor is a bestselling and award winning author of six book-length works of fiction and nonfiction. He emerged on the writing scene in 2000, when three of his short stories were selected for a single edition of the Journey Prize Anthology. His story Doves of Townsend won the Journey Prize that same year and was included in his collection of short fiction Silent Cruise, which was itself later named runner-up to the Danuta Gleed Award. Taylor’s first novel Stanley Park was released to critical acclaim in 2001 and was nominated for a Giller Prize, a Rogers Writers Trust Fiction Prize as well as both a Vancouver and BC Book Award. His most recent novel, The Blue Light Project, was a bestseller in Canada and went on to win the CBC Bookie Prize in fiction.

Taylor has also been a prolific journalist and magazine features writer over this same period. He has published hundreds of feature articles in the past 15 years in such publications as EnRoute, Walrus, 18 Bridges, The Report on Business Magazine, Vancouver Magazine and many others. He has won or been nominated for over two dozen magazine awards, been widely anthologized, and seen his work appear in both the US and France. His most recent nonfiction book, published by Nonvella in Vancouver, is Foodville, a food memoire and meditation on foodie obsessions in western consumer culture. In addition to his writing and teaching at UBC, Taylor travels widely, having in recent years spent time on assignment in China, Tibet, Japan, Dubai, Brazil, the Canadian arctic and other places. He lives in Point Grey Vancouver with his wife, his son, and a Brittany Spaniel named Keaton.

Billy-Ray Belcourt

Billy-Ray Belcourt (he/him) is a writer and academic from the Driftpile Cree Nation.

He is a 2016 Rhodes Scholar and holds an M.St. in Women’s Studies from the University of Oxford and Wadham College.

Billy-Ray’s debut book of poems, This Wound is a World (Frontenac House 2017), won the 2018 Griffin Poetry Prize (making him the youngest ever winner) and the 2018 Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize. It was also named the Most Significant Book of Poetry in English by an Emerging Indigenous Writer at the 2018 Indigenous Voices Awards.

This Wound is a World was a finalist for the 2018 Governor General’s Literary Award for Poetry, the 2018 Robert Kroetsch Award for Poetry, the 2018 Gerald Lampert Memorial Award, and the 2018 Raymond Souster Award, both of the latter via the Canadian League of Poets. It was also named by CBC Books as the best “Canadian poetry” collection of 2017. U.S. (University of Minnesota Press) and French (Groupe Nota Bene) editions of the book are now available.

His sophomore book, NDN Coping Mechanisms: Notes from the Field, was published in 2019 by House of Anansi.

His third book, A History of my Brief Body, essays and vignettes on grief, colonial violence, joy, love, and queerness, is due out in May 2020 with Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Canada.

Emily Pohl-Weary

Emily is an award-winning author, editor, and creative writing instructor. She has published seven books, a series of girl pirate comics, and her own literary magazine. Her most recent book is a collection of poetry, Ghost Sick. Her novel for teens, Not Your Ordinary Wolf Girl was published by Penguin Razorbill (Canada) and Skyscape (U.S.A.) in fall 2013. Her five previous books include Strange Times at Western High, Girls Who Bite Back, A Girl Like Sugar, Iron-on Constellations, and Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril.

Emily is currently completing a PhD in Adult Education and Community Development at University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. She also holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia. Her scholarly research is on community-based writing programs and she has extensive experience mentoring and teaching creative writing in academic and community settings

Nalo Hopkinson

Nalo Hopkinson was born in Jamaica, and spent the first 16 years of her life in Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and the US before her family moved to Canada. She writes science fiction and fantasy, exploring their potential for centering non-normative voices and experiences. Her first novel, Brown Girl in the Ring, won the Warner Aspect First Novel Contest in 1998. She has published six novels and numerous short stories. Her writing has received the John W. Campbell Award, Locus Magazine’s Best First Novel Award, the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic, the World Fantasy Award, the Andre Norton (Nebula) Award, the Gaylactic Spectrum Award, the Inkpot Award, the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Award, and Canada’s Prix/Aurora Award.

She has taught at University of California Riverside. In 2021 the Science Fiction Writers of America honoured her with the Damon Knight Memorial “Grand Master” Award, recognizing her lifetime of achievements in writing, mentorship and teaching. In 37 years she was the youngest person to receive the award, and the first woman of African descent.

Alix Ohlin

Alix Ohlin’s novel Inside (Knopf) and her story collection Signs and Wonders (Vintage) were both published on June 5, 2012. She is also the author of The Missing Person, a novel, and Babylon and Other Stories. Her work has appeared in Best American Short Stories, Best NewAmerican Voices, The New Yorker, and on public radio’s Selected Shorts. Born and raised in Montreal, she taught at Lafayette College and in the Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers before coming to UBC

Creative Writing

This two-year studio program offers workshops in the following genres: fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, writing for children, translation, stage play, radio, television, song lyric and libretto, screenwriting, new media, and writing for graphic forms.

This program is also offered at UBC’s Okanagan Campus

Program information

The Creative Writing program offers a two-year studio course, with instruction by faculty who work in a variety of literary and dramatic forms. The program leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing or a joint degree with another department, in which Creative Writing serves as half of the Double Major.

Campus features

The Creative Writing program is the editorial home of western Canada’s oldest literary periodical, PRISM International, which publishes the best in contemporary writing and translation from Canada and around the world.

What can you do with this major after graduation?

Career opportunities vary widely across a range of fields including publishing, communications, marketing, public relations, social media, non-profit, government, tourism, education, and others.

There are many career paths that can combine your academics, skills, and experience with your different interests, including:

  • Arts administrator
  • Book publishing manager
  • Communications manager
  • Communications policy researcher
  • Community centre coordinator
  • Community organizer
  • Copywriter

What you will learn

A workshop class in writing creative nonfiction, focused on some of the more popular forms of creative nonfiction: autobiography, rhetoric (commentary), literary journalism, and the personal essay.

A workshop class in the writing of graphic novel, manga, and other forms of illustrated writing. The ability to draw is not required.

An advanced workshop class in writing drama for the stage. Studio work is required. Assumes a greater level of experience in writing drama for the stage than CRWR 407.

A workshop class exploring the words that accompany music in varied forms including pop, art, musical theatre, and opera.

Your future

A UBC education will introduce you to people and ideas from around the world, open doors to new opportunities, and take you places you never imagined. You’ll graduate not only with expertise in your chosen field, but with the skills you need to continue growing, learning, and evolving with your career over time.